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Fly Screen

We supply made-to-measure Fly Screens for windows and doors. Available as a Retractable/In-swing/Out-swing/Sliding or Bi-fold Door Screen.

We offer premium retractable screens which allow the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors to refresh your interior - whilst keeping insects, autumn foliage and even light rain at bay.  Enjoy having your windows and doors open for longer, even during the cooler months. These Screens are ideal for Windows, Doors, Patio Doors or Sliding Doors and can be fitted to the inside or outside recess.

More Hygienic

As well as being an annoyance, insects can pose serious health risks if they contaminate your food or food preparation areas, rendering insect screens as ideal for kitchens and dining rooms, both domestic and commercial. The fly screens cassette forms a complete seal around the mesh to make sure no insects can sneak in around the edges, offering superior protection. Our fly screens can also offer peace of mind for those allergic to insect bites or stings and allow you to enjoy the summer without having to worry about insects getting into your home. They’re particularly good for bedrooms to keep rooms cool whilst still protecting from biting insects that fly in on hot summer nights.


Insect screens are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit any door or window, from windows small as 0.6m up to 7m bi-fold doors - and even larger openings. The frames come in white or brown to coordinate with your existing windows & their frames - they can easily become a perfectly integrated feature of your home. They are suitable for UPVC & Hardwood Frames. The retractable design of the screen means that the mesh rolls into the housing out of sight when not in use making it one of the most discreet screening systems on the market.

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Fly Screen Examples

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Call now and speak to one of our specialists for our best possible price on 0191 499 0099