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Motorised Remote Control Blinds


Remote Control Blinds

Technology advances at such a fast pace, the ever-growing possibilities are exciting. New products are now available to fill our homes with automated solutions that make our lives both more convenient and energy-efficient.Remote Control Blind


Motorised blinds are revolutionising the way people consider light management, plus developments in blind motorisation over the past few years have brought comfort, control and discreet style to many.


New technology enables motorised blinds to bring a wealth of benefits:

  • Convenience – providing the ideal solution for those hard to reach places;
  • Child safety – motorised blinds offer the perfect child safety product, eliminating operating cords;
  • Assisted living – these blinds help improve the quality of life for those who may require help with everyday tasks around the home;
  • Increased energy efficiency within the home, solar sensors and timers can provide automatic operation to help control heat gain and loss.


Blind Remote ControlThere are several choices for customers as to how their blinds operate, with a choice of remotes, pre-programming options for blind positions. These motorised blinds can be individually calibrated, depending on the customer’s needs.

By combining top quality products and motorisation - A1 Blinds can provide the ideal blind solution for those looking for a stylish product at affordable prices.

The technology of home automation continues to improve, with greater control and flexibility, and new ways to ensure user safety at the forefront.

Automation is an increasingly large part of the internal blinds industry, whether it’s used for high up or hard-to-reach windows, or for the sake of convenience or style. The use of this technology is becoming more widespread in commercial and residential settings.


Part of the attraction of automated systems is their increased safety over manually operated models. The lack of cords removes the most dangerous aspect of traditional blinds, while modern automation systems go further still. These features mean automation systems can be the perfect solution for areas with young children or animals present.


Modern internal shading automation systems are much easier to install, maintain and control than their predecessors. Designed with versatility in mind, they can be adapted to almost any space; domestic, public or commercial. For interior spaces with hard-to-reach windows, an integrated system in which all of the blinds can be controlled together could be the easiest option - and with sturdier and longer lasting motors, there will be less maintenance or replacement needed once the system is installed.


The technology of automation has improved greatly in recent years and innovations continue to appear. We place a high value on continuous product improvement because our products are developed in-house & at various other specialised research and development labs, meaning our motorisation solutions are the result of rigorous testing, development and innovation, leading to improved performance. As technology continues to evolve and become more user-friendly, automation systems are likely to become much more widely used.


Remote Controls Blind Motorisation


Here at A1 Blinds we view Child Safety to be of the utmost importance. In addition to fitting all new Blinds so that they are Child Safe as standard - we offer the service of supplying or fitting any relevant safety devices, in order to bring existing blinds up to spec with the legislation now in place. This retro-fitting service is available for commercial trade such as Schools, Colleges, Libraries & Offices in addition to our Domestic customers too. Please see our Child Safety page for further reading.