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  1. What Blinds Offer the Best Privacy for Bedrooms?

    Patterned Roman Blinds

    Blinds for privacy in bedrooms are key! We spend lots of time in our bedrooms from sleeping to relaxing, and even getting ready for the day. So, your bedroom blind is probably the most important blind you’re ever going to buy.

    It’s important to determine exactly what you’d like your blinds to do before picking the best blinds for privacy. This will ensure you’re gaining the maximum benefit.

    For most people, your bedroom blinds are going to need to do more than offering just privacy. If you’re sensitive to light during the night, you’re going to need blinds that will dim or block out the light. And then if during the day whilst the blinds are open you also want to maintain your privacy, you’re going to need blinds for privacy and light control.

    No matter what your requirements are, at A1 Blinds we’ve got the answer! We’re always on hand to find you the perfect blinds for privacy, light control, warmth, style and more. So, If you need any support finding the perfe

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  2. What Are Pleated Blinds?

    Pleated blinds for large windows

    Pleated blinds come with a long list of benefits. This makes them one of our top choices for window dressings! They’ll provide you with the ideal combination of performance and style. Here’s why…

    Pleated Blinds Explained:

    Pleated blinds are naturally beautiful thanks to their elegant folds which will add a soft textured effect to any interior. 

    Pleated blinds are made up of a ‘honeycomb’ structure. A series of hexagonal cellular ‘gaps’ between two layers of fabric that are joined at the top and bottom of each shape. The gaps are flattened when your blinds are open and expand again when your blinds are closed.

    The cellular composition of pleated blinds allows them to sit neatly and discreetly at the top of the window frame. They are cordless; operated manually or via motorisation. This makes them totally child-safe, especially when paired with our Perfect Fit system!


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