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  1. Roman Blinds Great Park

    Roman blinds Great Park

    Here at A1 Blinds, we’re proud to install stunning Roman blinds in Great Park and the surrounding area. We offer bespoke blinds made from the highest quality materials, ensuring you get the best Roman blinds money can buy. All our shades are made in our special factory here in Newcastle. You can trust our craftsmen to take their time to create beautiful blinds that are made to measure for your home.

    You’re bound to get your dream Roman blinds with us; that’s because we offer a great collection of bespoke choices. You can choose your colours, finishes, accessories and fabrics. Nothing is left to chance – you’re in creative control with A1 Blinds. Whatever look you’re going for, you’re guaranteed to find a design to complement your property – whether it’s modern or traditional, we’ve got you covered.

    There's more to our Roman blinds than just looking great in your livin

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  2. Vertical Blinds for Commercial Properties

    Vertical blinds for commercial properties

    Are you considering vertical blinds for your commercial property? Good choice! We’ll explain why a little later. But first, a couple of things you might not know about blinds for commercial spaces…

    Choosing the right blinds for commercial environments is key. Did you know that blinds can help to increase a person’s productivity? Employees need to be comfortable at work! Therefore, creating an environment with improved thermal efficiency and high levels of light control, will help a workforce to feel motivated in the workplace.

    The addition of blinds can influence a person’s behaviour. This is because lighting affects the way people feel and act. For example, in a restaurant, you’ll want to help people to feel relaxed so the lighting might be dimmed. But in a retail store, you’ll want your customers to feel excited and alert, so the lighting is likely t

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