vertical blinds durham city

A1 Blinds is a supplier and installer of high-quality vertical blinds for homes in Durham City and throughout the North East. Vertical blinds are one of the UK's most loved styles of blinds, and they work well for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Blinds like these come in several colours and fabrics, too, meaning they'll always suit your needs. At A1, we put you in full control of the design of your vertical blinds.

Blinds like these stand out because of their design. Vertical blinds operate on a top rail and have several vertical slats. Because of this, you can either pull the blinds across fully or adjust the slats individually, giving you total control of your home's lighting. You can even achieve a blackout effect with vertical blinds, as you'll get made-to-measure designs that can cover the full aperture of windows and doors.

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