Commercial Blinds

We manufacture and install all types of commercial window blinds and coverings. We have over 30 years of experience and specialise in Vertical, Roller and Venetian commercial window blinds for commerce, industry, schools, hospitals, offices, building contractors, space planners, commercial interior designers and all other specialised applications (including motorised, Velux, Roof blinds and Anti-Ligature Systems).

We offer a FREE measure and fitting service and we will provide your business with a dedicated account manager for overall project planning, fabric choice, fitting arrangements and cost information.

We provide a fast, professional service. All of our made-to-measure blinds can be measured, manufactured, delivered and fitted in less than five working days and we provide a huge choice of bespoke products resulting in a tailormade solutions that meet your exact specification. 

Out team will work to agree schedules and we provide full risk assessments and method statements upon request. All of our dedicated commercial team have undergone intensive Health & Safety training including Working at Height and Asbestos Awareness. Our advisors and installation team are CSCS, as well as being CHAS approved contractors so you can rest assured you are in the best possible hands. 


Window Blinds

Our range of blinds have been carefully chosen with durability and low maintenance in mind. We understand that cost is can be a major concern so we have endeavoured to offer our products at extremely competitive prices without sacrificing the highest quality. A large selection of our fabrics are available with ‘Ultra-Fresh’ anti-microbial coating, which kills the MRSA superbug (amongst others) upon contact and they are also machine washable, keeping them fresh for longer.

Cubicle Tracking

Our cubicle tracking programme includes innovative products such as mobile cubicle track systems for flexible use of space in hospital departments such as Accident and Emergency and overhead intravenous track systems.

Cubicle Curtains

To compliment our track systems we offer disposable cubicle curtains, including the Easy-Fit product which reduces replacement times dramatically. Our disposable cubicle curtains are treated with Endurocide antibacterial formulation and they are 100% recyclable.

Anti-ligature Devices

At A1 Blinds your safety and your patients’ safety are our priority. We offer the use of magnetic suspension systems, which can be used to install blinds, cubicle tracking, curtain rails and accessories in high risk areas such as psychiatric wards. We also offer an enclosed weight and wand system for our vertical blind option to maximise patient safety.

Suggested areas of application: Hospitals, GP surgeries, Dental practices, Opticians, Walk-in-Centres.


Here at A1 Blinds we have gained significant experience providing window blind solutions to the education sector and our portfolio includes many projects in schools, colleges and universities for both the private and public sector. Irrespective of the project size or intricacy we approach every education project with a full appreciation for the responsibility and accountability our client has to countless stakeholders and governing bodies. 

Our carefully selected teams are experienced in the unique challenges within the education sector and work to ensure uninterrupted student, staff and visitor safety. 

Our specialist educational products range from room divider systems, through to a specialist range of window blinds designed specifically for educational establishments including total room darkening and audio visual solutions. We also offer a full child safety option from Wand operation and enclosed weights to magnetic fixings in certain situations.

Our Range of contract fabrics are also Fire Retardant as standard to meet legislation and current government law.

Suggested areas of application: Nurseries, Schools, colleges, universities, day care centres, Sure Starts etc.


A1 Blinds have established solid experience with installing window blinds in the Hospitality and Leisure sector – achieving the ambience that our clients are renowned for is a challenge that all of us at A1 Blinds enjoy.

Our portfolio ranges from smaller independent establishments through to international chains and encompasses both new and existing premises. Our products have been used to enhance numerous leisure focused facilities including swimming pools, hotels, gymnasiums, art galleries and rehearsal and recording studios.

Our specialist product range has been designed for the demanding environments in to which it is installed – and serve to provide user comfort, building efficiency and a unique aesthetic appearance.

Suggested areas of application: Gyms, swimming pools, leisure centres, climbing centres, ice skating rinks, etc.


Digitally printed blinds are fantastic for in-store branding; in front-end customer facing stores as well as in head offices, boardrooms, et al.

Blinds for any public place must meet British Regulations with regards to Fire Retardancy.

Renewing any external windows or internal glass? We measure & fit bespoke design Window Film, ideal for use on windows in addition to satisfying building regulations regarding window manifestation on any expanse of internal glass. 

Rental Property

If you want a quick turnaround and can measure and fit yourself, we have a range of Clearance stock always available. Fabrics in stock continuously change, so best to visit factory in Blaydon to view current available items. These end-of-roll materials are retailed at between 50% & 75% less than what you would normally pay.

Blind designs vary greatly but like curtains can perform far more than cut down light, add privacy and increase energy efficiency. An older or unsightly window can be disguised beautifully with blinds.

For example blinds can be used to finish off the final touches of a newly renovated property and give it the wow factor people need to get their imaginative juices flowing when viewing your property. A finished house, with dressed windows make it look more like a home and can turn what could be a cold environment into a very warm homely environment, and ultimately get your property rented.

Architects / Builders

As we grow in the industry, we also grow in experience. With that experience we can recommend different solutions to suit each need.

You can have the confidence in us to work alongside your project manager from the initial design stage all the way through to the final handover with your client. We will specify blind types and help to prepare tenders with you or for you when needed.

Whatever the size project or the intricacy of the project, you can count on us to deliver. Why not call our Commercial Design Team to arrange an appointment now, on 0191 499 0099

The Effective Control of Light & Glare

Specific Solutions:

Infection Control

Infection Control Blinds

Infection Control Blinds

We offer a number of products designed to be used in a medical environment. All our products are tested and treated with a biocide proven to protect with a log 7 (99.99999%) cidal reduction rate for up to 18 months against C.difficile, E.coli, MRSA, C.albicans, A.niger and other hospital borne bacteria, and are flame retardant to NHS standards: BS 5867 Part 2 Type C 2008.

Our products are ideal for use in GP Surgeries, Dentists, Hospitals and Care Homes and they comply with the new HTM regulations being rolled out across the public and private sectors.

Medical Curtains

We offer full service of supplying and changing medical curtains every 3 or 6 months depending on requirements.

For a number of hospitals we provide a range of installation services depending on the capacity of the hospital’s internal team for more info on the packages available please get in touch.

You can contact our commercial sales team on 0191 499 0099.

Medical Curtains

Available in 6 colours

Medical Curtain Colours

Ultrafresh Vertical blinds and rollers:

Mould and mildew resistant and also fire retardant blinds.

For more info on the full range contact our commercial sales team on 0191 499 0099.

Biosafe Vertical blinds and rollers:

Once again treated to the highest of standards and also fire retardant, this range also comes with a 5 year guarantee. We can supply curtain rails for hospitals and a whole range of anti ligature products to suit every environment.

Digitally Printed

Digital Printed Blinds

Using our service for digital printed made to measure Roller, Vertical & 25mm Venetian Blinds opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities for both our domestic and commercial customers. Digital printing has been available for a number of years, it allows photographic images or original artwork to be printed on to fabrics. Using state-of-the-art equipment we can produce photographic quality printing that is beautiful and long lasting. From your artwork we can print directly on to Plain White, Dim-Out PVC fabrics and Matt White Venetian Slat. The only limit to this exciting concept is the human imagination.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds can be finished in two different ways, the first being an image or logo printed on the fabric in a size and position as specified by you. The second being a full image printed, so that when the fabric is cut to the finished size – the image is full to the fabric width.

Vertical Blinds

With Vertical Blinds, using the latest computer software we take the image and slit it down in to the required vertical width (89mm or 127mm). Then we build in to it a 12mm overlap so when the blind is tilted either slightly open or fully closed, there is full continuity with the image and the break lines are barely visible. This then turns an ordinary Vertical Blind into an amazing focal point.

25mm Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds is our latest adaptation of the printing process and the final finish of the blind is fantastic. The printing process requires the slat pack of the blind to be printed in the closed position to ensure continuity.

Digitally Printed Blinds

Window Film

What is a window film?

Window film is a high benefit, low cost upgrade for glazing which has a wide array of uses. It can be installed to your home, office and your car. It is installed to existing glass to make it secure, safer and more energy efficient, or to add solar control to reduce heat and glare.

It is made from micro-thin layers of optical grade polyester sheeting that undergo various processes and is then combined with specially designed adhesives that bond to the glass surface.

Window Film

Window film benefits

  • Solar control and energy saving(heat retention)
  • UV Protection (greatly reduce fading on exposed furniture and prevent skin damage)
  • Safety and security
  • View/privacy control

Window film installation

Most window films can be fitted in 15-20 minutes with minimal disruption to the area to be fitted.

There are window films for both internal external application, although the only reason for using external films would be if the window interior was not easily accessible. Professional installers completely clean and prep the glass prior to installation.

Window film life

Window film life depends on numerous factors; window film quality, building location, window orientation, internal or external application, with all these taken into the film will have a 5 year warranty.

Cleaning and maintenance

Window film once fully dried and fitted does not need any special care, cleaning can be carried out with mild soapy water and a soft cloth.

Fire Retardant

Fire retardant / energy saving blinds

For any commercial building (private and public sector), window blinds from an established and trusted supplier such as A1 Blinds is a ‘win win’ scenario.

Increased control over heat efficiency saves money – whilst at the same time you can be in full knowledge that all fire retardancy regulations are satisfied which may be an obligation or are stipulated as a necessity by law.

As improvements are achieved in the technology used to manufacture window blinds, effective solar shading is increasingly being used to control the internal environment of buildings. Window glazing is static whereas blinds are dynamic – allowing the occupier to operate the blinds based on the prevailing environmental conditions; helping to reduce the heat gain in the summer and heat loss during winter.

Here at A1 Blinds we measure, manufacture & fit industry standard blinds. Correctly specified, installed and operated solar shading enhances any building. We can help a great deal in both providing for this prospective enhancement as well as ensuring that fire retardant standards are met.

All non-domestic premises in England*, Wales* and Scotland** have to comply with the Fire Safety Order. Failure to meet these regulations could lead to prosecution, which could lead to hefty fines or even conviction. The order came in to effect in October 2006 and replaced any previous fire legislation.

*Regulation Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
** Fire (Scotland) Act 2005

All drapes/window blind fabrics used in Contract and Public sector properties are subject to flame retardant requirement.

BS5867 Part 2 Type B

Hotels, public buildings such as bars and restaurants including offices are required to meet the Fire Test BS5867 Part 2 Type B. This test uses a flame application on the face of the fabric for 15 seconds, both warp and weft directions are tested. A fabric will pass if the flame does not reach the edges of the 23 x 17cm test specimen and so long as there is no separation of flaming debris. Inherently FR fabrics are tested directly however flame retardant treated fabrics are subjected to durability using washing or dry cleaning (according to fabric manufacturers care instructions). (Limited Fabrics)

BS5867 Part 2 Type C

Hospital and Healthcare environments particularly cubicle curtains are obliged to meet BS 5867 Part 2 Type C, this test includes criteria for 50 wash cycles at thermal disinfection temperatures of 75 Degrees Celsius This test determines a pass using both face and back flame application with multiple flame ignition times of 5s, 15s, 20s and 30 seconds. In addition to the flame spread criteria meaning no flame can reach the edges, to confirm with Type C any resultant after flaming must cease within 2.5 seconds.

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