1. Roller Blinds Whitburn

    roller blinds whitburn

    Roller blinds are the ideal home shading solution. They offer stunning style that complements both modern and traditional homes. You’ll gain unrivalled performance for light and heat regulation and excellent durability.

    At A1, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and installing high-quality blinds throughout the North East.

    Our roller blinds are cost-effective and function brilliantly in all settings. Whether you’re selecting blinds for a specific room or redecorating your Whitburn business, our stunning collection has the perfect design to suit your needs. That’s because we create bespoke orders that exactly match the dimensions of your window or door.

    We put our customers in creative control with our extensive choice of colours, fabrics and patterns. There’s a beautiful style for every taste and budget.

    At our Newcastle factory, our expert craftsmen cut your blinds to your sp

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  2. Roller Blinds Hexham

    roller blinds hexham

    Roller blinds are a fantastic way to spruce up your Hexham home, adding elegant style, excellent performance and high functionality. They are an exceptional shading solution, offering modern aesthetics that enhance a wide range of settings.

    Thanks to their versatile design, roller blinds complement contemporary and traditional homes and create a sophisticated dynamic in commercial properties.

    At A1 Blinds, there’s a design for everyone. That’s because we offer an exciting collection of colours, fabrics and patterns – all in the name of putting our customers in creative control. We want you to have the roller blinds of your dreams.

    We appreciate every Hexham home is different, so our experts take exact measurements for installation. Your window or door dimensions are passed on to our talented, local craftspeople at our North East manufacturing centre, where they cut the fabric to give you a bespoke fit.

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  3. Roller Blinds Durham City

    roller blinds durham city

    Roller blinds are the complete home shading solution. They fuse modern style with unparalleled performance and function, giving you the ultimate blinds for your Durham City property.

    A1 Blinds are experts at installing your dream roller blinds. We’ve had the benefit of fitting blinds across the North East for over 30 years. It’s a privilege to install market-leading roller blinds into our customers’ homes, made-to-measure and carefully crafted in our local production centre.

    We are proud to offer the highest quality roller blinds that deliver outstanding performance and functionality and look beautiful at every angle.

    Thanks to their understated style and subtle aesthetics, roller blinds complement both contemporary and more traditional homes. They provide total cover of the aperture of your window or door, providing first-rate light management and complete privacy.

    At A1 Blinds, we’re big on

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  4. Modern Window Blinds Ideas

    White Venetian window blinds

    Are you searching for modern window blinds? Finding the perfect blinds can be lots of fun – especially if you’re looking to experiment with colours and patterns!

    But no matter if it’s a plain or a neutral look you’d like to create, blinds are the final touches that will make all the difference to your home. Believe it or not, blinds play a crucial role in tying an entire décor together!

    So, if you’re not sure where to start, here’s a handy guide to help you to decide on the perfect modern window blinds for your home…

    Choosing A Style of Modern Window Blinds

    Your first decision is likely to be what style of blind you’d like.

    The ‘right’ modern window blinds for you will largely depend on what you need your blinds to do. Consider if they need to be black-out for example. Or whether you want to be able to control the light coming in. This will help you to determine which style is the best for you. Here are our top picks of modern window blinds to hel

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  5. What Are Pleated Blinds?

    Pleated blinds for large windows

    Pleated blinds come with a long list of benefits. This makes them one of our top choices for window dressings! They’ll provide you with the ideal combination of performance and style. Here’s why…

    Pleated Blinds Explained:

    Pleated blinds are naturally beautiful thanks to their elegant folds which will add a soft textured effect to any interior. 

    Pleated blinds are made up of a ‘honeycomb’ structure. A series of hexagonal cellular ‘gaps’ between two layers of fabric that are joined at the top and bottom of each shape. The gaps are flattened when your blinds are open and expand again when your blinds are closed.

    The cellular composition of pleated blinds allows them to sit neatly and discreetly at the top of the window frame. They are cordless; operated manually or via motorisation. This makes them totally child-safe, especially when paired with our Perfect Fit system!


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  6. Plantation Shutters or Blinds?

    Bedroom Plantation Shutters

    With such a rise in the popularity of plantation shutters over the years, are you wondering if they could be for you? We don’t blame you! Plantation shutters are renown for adding a touch of class to any home.

    However, blinds can also do just the trick in adding the same amount of style to your home. That's probably why you’re here wondering whether to choose plantation shutters or blinds!

    Let us simplify it for you…

    Plantation Shutters and Blinds: Styles Available

    When it comes to the amount of choice available, blinds will win hands down. This is because blinds are available in over 10 different styles.

    Choose from roller, vertical, Venetian, Roman, pleated,

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  7. Roller Blinds Morpeth

    roller blinds morpeth

    If you think your Morpeth property needs new blinds, A1 Blinds has the ideal solution, roller blinds. Our stunning range gives your windows and doors a quality upgrade that performs for decades. They offer your home or business the dual benefits of elegant style and robust functionality. Our roller blinds do an incredible job across many fronts and complement residential and commercial properties in the North East.

    Roller blinds are fantastic for light management as they cover the entire window or door aperture. They give total privacy and can blackout external natural and artificial light. We offer a beautiful range of colours, styles and finishes so that you can create the dream roller blinds for your property.

    Roller blinds possess a minimalist aesthetic that beautifully enhances many different styles of interior. Whether your Morpeth home is modern or traditional,

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  8. Roller Blinds Great Park

    Roller Blinds Great Park

    Roller blinds are the perfect addition to your Great Park home or business because they offer unparalleled style and function in one beautiful package. Luckily, you don’t have to look far for expert suppliers and installers of top quality roller blinds. We at A1 Blinds have had years of experience fitting the best blinds in properties across the North East. Our roller blinds are amazingly versatile and complement work extremely well in both home and professional environments.

    Roller blinds do a brilliant job covering the whole aperture of your window or door, enabling seamless control of how you interact with your living environment and external world. We have an array of stylish colours, fabrics, patterns and finishes to match every individual preference.

    Our roller blinds incorporate minimalist beauty and contemporary aesthetics that suit both modern and more traditional i

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  9. Roller Blinds Gosforth

    Roller blinds gosforth

    Here at A1 Blinds, we are proud to supply and install exceptional roller blinds in Gosforth properties and throughout the North East. Roller blinds offer the best of both worlds in style and function. They are also incredibly versatile and work extremely well in both home and professional environments.

    A great feature about roller blinds is that they cover the entire window or door aperture, giving you complete control over your view and privacy. We offer an amazing range of colours, styles and finishes that can be customised to suit your unique taste and perfectly fit your property.

    Minimalist with inherent beauty, roller blinds possess contemporary aesthetics that work in modern and more traditional homes. Their operational simplicity gives you an easy-to-use blind that regulates the amount of light you let into your living space. They roll up; they roll down

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  10. What Are Allusion Blinds?

    White Allusion Blinds

    Do you need something up at your windows but you’re not sure what? Maybe curtains are too bulky and standard blinds are not quite enough? Do you simply require a decorative feature? Here at A1 Blinds, we have a feeling that allusion blinds just might be for you…

    What Are Allusion Blinds?

    Allusion blinds are your modern-day alternatives to voile curtains. Leave the voiles in the past and step into a world of fashion-forward allusion blinds.

    This unique shading solution provides subtle light diffusion with a view when they’re open. Or privacy, security, and style when they’re closed.

    The stand-out feature of allusion blinds is their lush fabric vanes that will soften any space thanks to their flowing nature. When open, the woven fabric allows tons of natural light to filter through it whilst maintaining the privacy you would expect from a standard blind

    What Are Allusion Blinds Made Of?

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