1. How To Clean Vertical Blinds

    How To Clean Vertical Blinds

    Do you want to find out how to clean vertical blinds? Then A1 is the number one for advice and information on blinds. We make made-to-measure blinds with leading quality, and we have 35 years of experience. However, that experience has also given us the knowledge to help you maintain slightly older blinds. Your blinds can go through a lot over the years, meaning dirt and dust can collect on them. As a result, they might need a clean. In this guide, we'll show you how to clean your vertical blinds, and tips to make the process much quicker. And, if you want vertical blinds that are effortless to clean, A1 offers high-quality blinds that are machine washable!

    How To Work Out When To Clean Vertical Blinds

    If you have vertical blinds in your home, then they might start to look past their best over time. However, it isn't an issue you can't fix. Over time, dirt and dust can collect around your blinds, causing their vivid colours to fade and the rest of your home to look

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  2. What Are The Best Blinds For Bathrooms?

    Best Bathrooms Blinds

    What are the best blinds for bathrooms? Finding the right ones could help you make your home warmer, dryer, and prevent issues developing over time. Blinds play a crucial role in your home, helping you control the light that gets into it, and helping to insulate your living space too.

    However, in bathrooms, they could be even more important. Bathrooms get hot and humid, especially after you use them for long baths and showers. As a result, the room can become damp and moist, creating the conditions for condensation to thrive. At A1, though, we're the number one for a wide range of blinds that are best to protect your bathrooms.

    How Do Blinds Protect Bathrooms?

    The best blinds can prevent condensation from developing in your bathroom. When you take a bath or shower, the moisture and heat they create can collect inside the room. Because of this,

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  3. All you need to know about roller blinds

    Roller Blinds

    Adding a roller blind can quickly and cost effectively transform the look of any room, adding a stylish finishing touch to any design scheme.

    What is a Roller blind?

    A roller blind is a piece of fabric which fits into the top of your window frame. This can be within or outside of your window recess. They are operated by a side-winding chain attached to the blind casing at the top.

    Motorised controls and smart controls are also available giving you the option to open and close your blinds remotely or by speaking to your smart device, for example, your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

    What is a roller blind?

    What type of windows are best for roller blinds?

    Roller blinds are suitable for almost any type of window and can also be used on doors like patio or bi-fold doors. They are

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  4. Why choose to have an in-home consultation?

    Why choose to have an in-home consultation?

    To make sure you find the perfect blinds for you, we recommend that one of our experts visit you in your home when convenient. A1 Blinds have a dedicated in-home service, which gives you the ideal opportunity to discover the perfects blinds, curtains or shutters for your décor and have your windows professionally measured. One of our experts will come to you, bringing our wide range along for you to browse through and offer recommendations to match your interior.

    During your consultation

    Our job is to make your life as easy as possible, with inspiring ideas and practical solutions for your home or office. You'll find it a relaxing approach to making your interior décor decisions.

    Your expert will:

    • Take a relaxed approach, offering inspiring ideas and practical solutions
    • Bring a selection of fabric and fitting samples for you to view
    • Stay as long as you need, usually only around 30 minutes (a little longer for s
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  5. Voice-controlled Motorised Blinds with Amazon Alexa

    Voice-controlled Motorised Blinds with Amazon Alexa

    With the increasing popularity of smart home devices and the Internet of Things (IoT), new innovative ways to control your home are becoming more widespread. People are looking for inventive ways to make their home life more efficient, from smart thermostats to smart televisions, which can be operated remotely, via an app or through voice control.

    The introduction of smart speakers with integrated virtual assistants, like the Amazon Echo with Alexa, your connected devices can be controlled even easier with voice commands alone. New functions, skills and ways to use these virtual assistants are being added all the time and connecting your blinds into your smart home system is a clever and desirable step.

    A1 Blinds understand the trend of smart homes and how it plays a growing role in our daily lives. This is why we offer smart motorised blinds that you can control via your phone and voice no matter where you are. Motorised blind features allow

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  6. New Website Launch

    New Website Launch

    A1 Blinds is proud to announce the launch of our new website, which coincides with our expanding product range and aims to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers and business partners.

    The website boasts a clean design and an intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionality that directs you to the products and information most relevant to you. It is also fully set up for mobile devices, making it easy to navigate on all your devices.

    We’ve introduced a range of new product and content to the website, including easier online ordering that is designed to help you make the right decisions about your blinds, or create a web account to add products to your wishlist to purchase later. Our products are easier to find and choose from, with lots of helpful new information and guides online.

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  7. Macmillan Cancer Support

    Macmillan Cancer Support

    The staff at A1 Blinds has chosen McMillan Cancer Support as their Charity of the Year for 2011. The year will run from September 2011 to September 2012 and we hope to raise over £10,000 through organised events including concerts, sponsored walks/runs and various raffles and prize draws. The staff will donate their time to support all these events to help raise money to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

    For further details please contact our Customer Service Team on 0191 4990099 or e-mail

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  8. New Range of Roman Blinds Exclusive ONLY to A1 Blinds

    New Range of Roman Blinds Exclusive ONLY to A1 Blinds

    We are proud to launch our New, Exclusive Range of Made-to-Measure Roman Blinds in July 2011.

    With over 50 fantastic new designs and colours to choose from, this range really is totally exclusive to A1 Blinds so if you really are looking for something different to show off to your family and friends then this luxury range is for you.

    What's even better news is that it's a Luxury Range with a Budget Price Tag, (for a limited period only) so if you would like any further information or free samples of this range then contact our highly trained Customer Service Team on 0191 4990099 or e-mail

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  9. Company Logo Screening

    Company Logo Screening

    For Company and Commercial clients we now offer a Company Logo Screening Service.

    For a professional and corporate look, stand out from other businesses by having your Made-to-Measure blinds screen printed with your Company Logo. Suitable for Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, Offices and Boardrooms.

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  10. Fly Screens

    Fly Screens

    A1 Blinds now manufacture and supply retractable Fly Screens for both doors and windows, suitable for both Residential and Commercial use.

    This product folds out of sight when not in use and is popular for Conservatories, Patio Doors and Commercial Kitchens such as Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Care Homes etc.

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