Roller Blind Finishes

We have a wide range of different finishes available for Roller Blinds. Eleven different Scallops (see diagram below), a Straight Bottom Bar & various Eyelets.

Roller Scallop Finishes

Where a Scallop has a pole, you can choose from; Chrome, Brass, Brushed Steel or Wooden (Dark Wood such as Walnut, Light Wood such as Pine or Painted Whitewashed Wood).

The pole ends (known as finials) will be as the ones shown below by default, although we can also do numerous other shapes & style finials - please see further down this page.

Standard Pole Finials

The Straight Bottom Bar improves upon the previously used Straight Finish, in wrapping the fabric through and around the bar – resulting in a raised, more luxurious look. An additional bonus being there is no stitching required – by eliminating elements such as stitch-lines, a much greater overall effect is achieved when it comes down to being clean cut, flush & modern looking.


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