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A1 Blinds can supply and install excellent vertical blinds for homes in Hexham and throughout the North East. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular designs in the UK, and they're great for a wide range of homes and commercial applications. With several fabrics and colours to choose from, you can design your vertical blinds around your Hexham home as well. Because of this, you'll be in full control of the design.

With vertical blinds, you'll get a design that operates on a top rail and has several vertical slats. You can either pull the blinds across fully or adjust each slat to control the lighting in your home precisely. Not only that, you can achieve a blackout effect, as your blinds will cover the full aperture of your windows or doors. As a result, you can make sure you get only the light you need.

At A1 Blinds, we also offer you more choice for your vertical blinds in Hexham. We make sure all of our blinds can be bespoke to your home, meaning you can design them uniquely to suit your needs and your style. We'll also carry out precise measurements and provide free virtual consultations to help you create your design. Contact us today to speak about installing vertical blinds in Hexham!

vertical blinds in hexham

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Beloved Style

Vertical blinds are one of the most popular styles for homes in Hexham for a reason. With a timeless design and sleek, stylish look, vertical blinds work well across a range of window and door applications. You can make these blinds look understated or design them to stand out, too. Because of this, you'll be able to benefit from a versatile vertical blinds design that suits several needs for your Hexham home.

Customisable Design

Not only that, A1 helps you design unique vertical blinds for your Hexham home. By creating a unique design, you can make your blinds a standout feature inside your home. You'll have several methods of creating your one-of-a-kind blinds, from durable, hard-wearing fabric options to a wide selection of stylish colours. Our blinds won't fold or crease, either, meaning your design will last.

Flexible Control

One of the ways in which vertical blinds work so well is how they help you control the light in your Hexham home. You can adjust our blinds at a detailed level by tilting each slat, meaning only the right amount of light enters your living space. You can achieve a blackout effect by pulling the blinds acrosa fully or you can tilt each slat. As a result, you're in total control of your home.


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Uses for Vertical Blinds

You can use new vertical blinds in several ways to enhance your home in Hexham. For example, our blinds will come made-to-measure and come in large enough sizes to cover even the largest windows and doors. As a result, you can install vertical blinds for sliding and bifold doors in Hexham. You'll be able to reduce glare, improve insulation and control the light inside your home.

Additionally, vertical blinds can help you get a little more peace of mind. With large windows and doors, you can sometimes feel exposed to prying eyes from outside. However, if you have sensitive rooms like a home office or bathrooms, then vertical blinds can provide privacy when you need it most. Our blinds can close fully to help you enjoy your home without any worries.

Finally, you can install high-quality vertical blinds to be unique to your Hexham home with A1. With our customisable options, you'll be in charge of creating your design to perfectly complement your living space. We offer a wide range of fabrics and colours, and you can install our blinds for conservatories and extensions too! Why not explore your design options today?

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Vertical Blinds from A1 in Hexham

By choosing A1 Blinds for your brand-new vertical blinds in Hexham, you can get them without stress or hassle. As a trusted vertical blinds installer in Hexham and the North East, we have the experience and knowhow you need to do the job well. We can start helping you almost immediately with one of our free virtual consultations. Our expert team can help you design your dream blinds with ease.

Once you have your ideal blinds, we'll visit your home and take accurate measurements of the windows and doors you want to cover. As a result, we'll be able to create your made-to-measure vertical blinds design for your Hexham home. All of our blinds come from our North East manufacturing base, too, and each is the product of expert craftspeople who are specialists in their field.

Finally, once the blinds are ready, we'll install them seamlessly. Our dedicated fitting team is fully qualified to fit your new vertical blinds for your Hexham home, and they'll do it with a smile. We'll make sure to go the extra mile where we need to, and we'll be on hand to help with any of your needs. And, as a local installer, we can offer vertical blinds for less cost and in less time than national brands!

Vertical Blinds Prices Hexham

If you'd like to see our competitive vertical blinds prices for your Hexham home, choose A1 and explore our range today!

Book a virtual consultation today or get a free home consultation in Morpeth to discover our options. And, to find out more, you can fill in our online contact form or call 0800 193 0417 to request a callback from our expert team!