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  1. How Can Window Blinds Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bills?

    window blind energy bills

    As energy costs continue to rise, it's becoming more important than ever for homeowners to find innovative ways to save money on their household bills. One simple and effective way to reduce your energy bills is by installing window blinds. 

    The advantages of window blinds extend far beyond their visual appeal, covering aspects such as insulation, light control, UV protection, smart technology, and energy-saving features. By exploring these benefits, homeowners can make an informed decision and potentially achieve significant savings on their energy expenses.

    Here's how they work:

    1. Insulation

    During the colder winter months, window blinds act as an additional layer of insulation, preventing heat from

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  2. The Benefits Of High Performance Pleated Blinds

    High performance pleated blinds

    Pleated blinds are a single layer of fabric that aids in blocking out sunlight from rooms. They pull up or down and fit flat at the top of a window in homes. The beautifully crafted design helps add texture to a room while keeping it warm inside. Pleated blinds provide a combination of elegance and appeal while costing less than roller blinds for cost-efficiency. They have no slats that help block light when closed, which is a good tool when trying to block out streetlights at night.

    We discuss the performance benefits pleated blinds bring into homes when installed. They have grown in popularity due to their performance efficiency and appeal.

    Protection from UV Rays

    When it comes to pleated blinds, the aluminium

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  3. How do Energy Saving Blinds work?

    energy saving blinds

    Energy-saving blinds, also known as Cellular blinds, are commonly used to help insulate your home. They have increased in popularity due to the different styles that have come into the market. In recent times, the average household spends around £1,254 per year on power and heating, making it one of the most expensive costs for households in the UK. It's been well-documented that those energy costs are only getting more expensive, thanks to political and economic events outside of our control.

    With the current economic and climate crisis, experts have warned households will struggle badly to pay their heating bills as we face one of the coldest winters in recent years. The increasing energy prices will leave many families without the amount of warmth they need, so other measures to manage temperature control and heat retention must be explored.

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  4. How Can Roller Blinds Improve my Home's Energy Efficiency?

    Roller Blinds improve energy efficiency

    During winter when the heating goes on and the gas bill goes up, naturally we all start to think of ways to improve our homes energy efficiency. You might have considered a new energy efficient boiler? Fitting better home insulation? Investing in new double glazing? Even triple glazing? All of which can be pretty expensive home improvements!

    But have you ever considered draught-proofing your windows with roller blinds? Roller blinds improve energy efficiency. It’s a fact! But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll explain…

    At A1 Blinds we produce the best roller blinds in the North East Region. Made to measure in house by our expert craftsmen, we’re able to tailor your blinds to meet your specific requirements! Our roller blinds improve energy efficiency, block out light and provide you with the privacy that you desire. For advice on choosing the best blinds for your home, get in touch at or 08

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