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  1. How To Style Your Patterned Window Blinds

    patterned blinds for homes

    Pattern blinds are fun and complement any window in any home. It is a great way to add style and personality to your living space. Whilst providing privacy and warmth, they also come in a range of vibrant patterns and colours that can enhance the look of any room. From floral motifs to geometric shapes, patterned blinds offer a unique touch that can take any space from drab to fab in no time.

    patterned blinds

    Every homeowner spends time thinking about how to style their blinds to match their home. It can be hard to come to a decision. With so many designs to choose from, it can be difficult to know what will look best in your home. However, we are here to help!


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  2. Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes are a great choice for many reasons. They’re simple, sophisticated, and budget-friendly too! But not only that, roller blinds are great for modern homes (and others) because they come with so many choices!

    You’ll choose your fabric. Then you’ll choose your lining. Then your control options. Do you want a bottom bar? What about braiding? And so on! Roller blinds allow you to create exactly what you want. You could say that’s what makes roller blinds for modern homes perfect! We all love bespoke styling in the modern-day, don’t we?

    So, whether you’re styling a modern interior or a new build property, we can make the perfect roller blinds for any modern home!

    Patterned Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    We’re big fans of pattern, and roller blinds are the perfect way to introduce it into the home! However, if it's roller blinds for modern homes that you’re looking for spe

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  3. 5 Ways To Style Your Roller Blinds

    Yellow stripe roller blind

    Roller blinds are one of our most popular blind styles year on year. Understandable really! They give a modern look to any window and can be styled to your tastes and needs.

    So, what is a roller blind? Roller blinds are a single piece of fabric that is rolled around a metal pole and fit across the top of your window. They can be fitted either on the inside or the outside. These blinds operate by unrolling to cover your window via a chain mechanism that is attached to the casting. Or, you can opt for the motorised mechanism whereby they open at the touch of a button!

    The versatility in our range of roller blinds makes them a perfect choice for every room in the home. Our PVC roller blinds are superb for kitchens and bathrooms, as they can be wiped clean and are moisture resistant. Their contemporary design means they’ll complement any décor in a bedroom or living room alike. And, with blackout and di

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