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  1. How do roller blinds keep my home cool in the summer?

    How do roller blinds keep my home cool in the summer?

    Roller blinds are one of the most popular and cost-effective types of blinds, but did you know they can help keep your home cool in the summer?

    Roller blind material

    All roller blind types help keep your house cool in the summer, but some materials work better than others. You can tell which material is best by looking at how much light comes through the fabric when hung in a window. If you see a lot of light coming through the blind, it typically won’t be as good at keeping out the heat as one where you can see no light.

    The thickness of the blind material can help keep the heat in the room. If the material is thin, it won’t be as thermally efficient as a thick material.

    The coating on the fabric can also help keep a room cool. Blackout coatings and solar pro

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  2. Beautiful Blinds for Windows

    Beautiful Orange blinds for windows

    Choosing beautiful blinds for your windows is a big part of interior design. We’d say the decision is just as important as choosing a new sofa or flooring!

    To us at A1 Blinds, blinds are a ‘functional accessory’ that should be thought of as a key feature in the home. That’s why we have over ten different styles within our range for you to choose from!

    But, choosing beautiful blinds for windows in your home is more than just selecting your favourite style. Along comes many other options, such as fabrics, accessories, and how they operate. This is the beauty of choosing made to measure blinds.

    Beautiful blinds for windows will also need to fit perfectly – another reason to choose made to measure! At A1 Blinds, we’ll make your blinds (in-house) to fit your windows exactly. They are made just for you and your windows, meaning there will be no unsightly gaps to ruin the look.

    In this blog, we’ll run through some of our most popular blinds, their benefits and

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  3. Best Blinds for Modern Homes

    Vision Blinds for Modern Homes

    When it comes to choosing the best blinds for modern homes, it’s not a one size fits all solution! At A1 Blinds, we believe the look of your blind all comes down to the styling!

    When you choose A1 Blinds, you’ll have the freedom to design your own blinds completely. Your blinds will not only be bespoke in size but also in the design, fabric, colour and accessories too. Therefore, the best blind for modern homes isn’t just about the blind style you choose! You’ll also need to consider the fabric, the colours and the prints and how you incorporate them into the rest of your décor.

    So, as you can probably imagine, it’s not as simple as us just telling you that a particular blind is the best for modern homes! However, what we can do is tell you what’s hot right now, including styles, colours, fabrics, and accessories. Read on to find out more…

    The Best Blind Styles for Modern Homes

    At A1 Blinds we manufacture over ten blind styles right here in our Newcast

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  4. Roman or Roller Blinds?

    Roman or Roller Blinds?

    It’s easy to get stuck between Roman and Roller Blinds because as a matter of fact, they are quite similar. At A1 Blinds we often get asked this very question! Roman or Roller Blinds?

    Well, while both styles are similar in certain ways, they do come with their differences. So, there are still some factors you might want to consider when choosing Roman or roller blinds for your home.

    The key differences between the two are the mechanisms, how they look, and how they work. The clue is in the name; roller blinds roll up, whereas Roman blinds fold up. Both are made of a single piece of fabric; however, the fabric sits differently on each when open. Both styles are operated by chains used to pull them up. This can be done by motorisation too.

    What Are Roman Blinds?

    Roman blinds are a traditional choice - they have been around f

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  5. Roller Blinds for Commercial Spaces

    Grey roller blinds for commercial spaces

    One of our most popular styles for all settings, roller blinds for commercial spaces are a fantastic choice. Not only do they provide a particularly modern look, but they’re also armed with a long list of benefits which makes them especially good for the workplace.

    Choosing blinds for commercial spaces isn’t all about the aesthetic. You’ll need to think about light control, privacy, efficiency, and maintenance. Depending on the type of workplace, you may also need to consider child-safe blinds or antimicrobial fabrics! It’s also important to note that workplace blinds must comply with the Fire Safety Order, and failing to do so may lead to prosecution.

    Yes, there are many things to consider when choosing blinds for commercial spaces, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult! A1 Blinds has hundreds of blinds suitable for the workplace to meet employee

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  6. Best Blinds for Thermal Efficiency

    Perfect fit blinds for home insulation

    ‘What are the best blinds for thermal efficiency?’ That's a question we’ve been asked a lot recently at A1 Blinds! In today’s world of rising energy costs, many of us are looking for ways to keep those bills down! And yes, blinds are certainly a great option.

    There are, of course, other options you could consider. You could upgrade the UPVC doors and windows across your home... Sounds expensive! Or you could wear extra layers of clothes and buy a thicker duvet… Which sounds a little uncomfortable!

    But by simply upgrading your window blinds to our thermal range, you’ll be able to reduce your home’s energy costs by up to 16%! Impressive, right?

    We’ll explain more…

    What are The Best Blinds for Home Energy Efficiency?

    All blinds will help improve your home's energy efficiency in one way or another. Blinds add an extra insulating layer up at your windows which helps to keep the warmth in and prevents it from escaping through the windows.

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  7. Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes are a great choice for many reasons. They’re simple, sophisticated, and budget-friendly too! But not only that, roller blinds are great for modern homes (and others) because they come with so many choices!

    You’ll choose your fabric. Then you’ll choose your lining. Then your control options. Do you want a bottom bar? What about braiding? And so on! Roller blinds allow you to create exactly what you want. You could say that’s what makes roller blinds for modern homes perfect! We all love bespoke styling in the modern-day, don’t we?

    So, whether you’re styling a modern interior or a new build property, we can make the perfect roller blinds for any modern home!

    Patterned Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    We’re big fans of pattern, and roller blinds are the perfect way to introduce it into the home! However, if it's roller blinds for modern homes that you’re looking for spe

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  8. What Are the Benefits of Buying Made-to-Measure Blinds?

    Buying made to measure blinds

    Made-to-measure blinds come with a long list of benefits. They are superior to their off-the-shelf alternatives for many, many reasons. But first, let us explain exactly what they are!

    Made-to-measure window coverings are made to fit your window and your window only. Using your measurements, and the fabric and lining that you’ve chosen, we go off and make your blinds, exactly as you’ve asked. No two made-to-measure blinds are the same. And that’s their beauty.

    The alternative option is off-the-shelf blinds. These are the ready-made option. You’ll find them packaged up on the shelves, in set colours and sizes. Whilst they’re a quick solution to window coverings, off-the-shelf blinds are unlikely to fit your windows and meet your requirements as they should.

    Stay with us whilst we take a closer look at the benefits of made-measure-blinds to help you make the best decision possible…

    Discover 6 Benefits of Buying M

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  9. Roller Blinds Low Fell

    roller blinds low fell

    At A1, we are delighted to offer the best roller blinds on the market. We know how great our blinds are, but we want homeowners in Low Fell to enjoy the ultimate shading solution too. That’s why we’ve been serving the community for over 30 years. Our team of expert installers are dedicated to helping customers get the best roller blinds money can buy.

    Roller blinds are the complete package. They offer incredible privacy, excellent management, beautiful style and are easy to operate. Whether you own a traditional or modern home, roller blinds are perfectly suited. They also work brilliantly in offices, providing a sophisticated, subtle look that’s great for professional settings.

    We’re proud to offer a stunning choice of colours, styles, fabrics and finishes. That’s why you’re bound to find the roller blinds of your dreams with us. We offer bespoke designs – there’s s

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  10. How Can Roller Blinds Improve my Home's Energy Efficiency?

    Roller Blinds improve energy efficiency

    During winter when the heating goes on and the gas bill goes up, naturally we all start to think of ways to improve our homes energy efficiency. You might have considered a new energy efficient boiler? Fitting better home insulation? Investing in new double glazing? Even triple glazing? All of which can be pretty expensive home improvements!

    But have you ever considered draught-proofing your windows with roller blinds? Roller blinds improve energy efficiency. It’s a fact! But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll explain…

    At A1 Blinds we produce the best roller blinds in the North East Region. Made to measure in house by our expert craftsmen, we’re able to tailor your blinds to meet your specific requirements! Our roller blinds improve energy efficiency, block out light and provide you with the privacy that you desire. For advice on choosing the best blinds for your home, get in touch at or 08

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