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  1. Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes are a great choice for many reasons. They’re simple, sophisticated, and budget-friendly too! But not only that, roller blinds are great for modern homes (and others) because they come with so many choices!

    You’ll choose your fabric. Then you’ll choose your lining. Then your control options. Do you want a bottom bar? What about braiding? And so on! Roller blinds allow you to create exactly what you want. You could say that’s what makes roller blinds for modern homes perfect! We all love bespoke styling in the modern-day, don’t we?

    So, whether you’re styling a modern interior or a new build property, we can make the perfect roller blinds for any modern home!

    Patterned Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    We’re big fans of pattern, and roller blinds are the perfect way to introduce it into the home! However, if it's roller blinds for modern homes that you’re looking for spe

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  2. How Can Roller Blinds Improve my Home's Energy Efficiency?

    Roller Blinds improve energy efficiency

    During winter when the heating goes on and the gas bill goes up, naturally we all start to think of ways to improve our homes energy efficiency. You might have considered a new energy efficient boiler? Fitting better home insulation? Investing in new double glazing? Even triple glazing? All of which can be pretty expensive home improvements!

    But have you ever considered draught-proofing your windows with roller blinds? Roller blinds improve energy efficiency. It’s a fact! But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll explain…

    At A1 Blinds we produce the best roller blinds in the North East Region. Made to measure in house by our expert craftsmen, we’re able to tailor your blinds to meet your specific requirements! Our roller blinds improve energy efficiency, block out light and provide you with the privacy that you desire. For advice on choosing the best blinds for your home, get in touch at or 08

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  3. What are the Best Blinds for Warmth? Discover Winter and Thermal Blinds

    Thermal Roller Blind

    As the cold months draw in (which they certainly are!), you’re probably already thinking of ways you can make your home warmer… without having the heating on 24/7 that is.

    There are of course the usual ways of getting warmer. Putting a jumper on. Thicker socks. Warmer blankets. Winter Duvets. But have you thought about improving the place where much of the cold air is coming from? Your windows!

    Let us introduce you to window insulation using thermal blinds and our top tips for energy efficiency…

    What are Thermal Blinds?

    We define thermal blinds as blinds that are designed to conserve energy in both winter and summer. Either helping to trap heat in your room or reflecting the sunlight off the windows. So, investing in new blinds for winter will benefit you in the summer months too! Thank us later!

    Some blinds are naturally ‘thermal’ by design, some have a specific thermal lining, and some have a thermal treatment applied to the reverse. Either wa

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