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Window Blind Designs & Ideas.

Posted 03/01/12 by Jacqui Robinson

Once upon a time Custom made window blinds were only for the rich, now they are no longer out of reach and even during this difficult financial climate Custom made blinds are becoming more popular. Accessories_finials_corsages_eyelets. The reason for this is down to the latest ranges of window blind accessories.

Even the cheapest of blinds can be transformed into a one off custom designed blind through the use of accessories with a wide range of magnetic flowers, bows etc in metal, leather & fabric as well as a host of braid, bottom bars, poles and finials all designed to create your individual customised Window Blind.

Everyone likes to be individual and it’s only natural when setting up home to want to put your own stamp on your property. Most household furnishings are only seen by those invited into your home, however, your window blinds are seen by the outside world.

Your window blinds really can transform the exterior of your property from bricks and mortar into a home. They give the outside world a glimpse of what the rest of the home has to offer and this is why a lot of thought needs to go into the design of your Window Blinds.

Customers no longer look for the minimalistic look of a window blind because fashion is now leaning towards dressing the window rather than covering the window.

To achieve this a window is often dressed with a Roller Blind in the inside recess with a contrasting Roman Blind on the outside recess.

Even the old faithful Vertical Blind can not only be made to look different but can also compliment the colours of a room by alternating two contrasting colours in various combinations of two or three louvers.

The most popular Venetian Blinds have always been plain White, Cream, Silver or Black, but why be the same as everyone else? Why not try a combination of colour?

For instance: If your room colours are Red, Black & White you could try 4 White Slats, 3 Red Slats, 2 Black Slats, 3 Red, 4 White and follow the pattern through to the end, it creates quite a stunning effect as well as complimenting the shades of decor/furniture in your home.

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