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  1. How Vertical Blinds Are Made and Used

    Blue vertical blinds

    Ever wondered how vertical window blinds are made? We’ll tell you in this blog! We’ll also tell you what they are, the styles available and how to use them…

    At A1 Blinds we’ve been manufacturing blinds for over 30 years. So, there’s no one better suited to give advice or information about blinds!

    What are vertical window blinds?

    Vertical window blinds are consistently popular with our customers, and for good reason.

    Vertical blinds are vertical fabric slats (louvres) that are attached to a sliding track in the headrail and adjusted via a chain, cord or wand.

    The verticals can be produced in a wide range of fabrics depending on your t

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  2. Are Vertical Blinds Outdated?

    vertical blinds

    At A1 blinds, we don't think vertical blinds are going out of fashion. In fact, we feel like these classic designs are better than ever. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular styles ever, ideal for homes and businesses alike. However, because they've been around for so long, new designs have arrived, attempting to steal the thunder from vertical blinds.

    But, thanks to A1, you can invest in modern vertical blinds for your home. With a wide range of superb colours and patterns to choose from, you can craft bespoke blinds for your property. Not only that, but you'll still benefit from the timeless design of vertical blinds, which offers incredibly precise lighting control to give you the power to open or close your home off to nature.

    Vertical blinds offer superb value for money, work well for both windows and doors, and can even warm up your home. And with a custom design, you'll make your living space stand out even more. At A1 Blinds, our vertical blinds are still

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