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  1. Venetian Blinds Ponteland

    Venetian Blinds Ponteland

    When you are looking for a new Venetian Blind for your Ponteland home, at A1 Blinds, we have so many options for you to consider.  Venetian blinds are a very popular choice amongst homeowners because they offer so many different benefits for you. They are very thermally efficient and bring in plenty of natural light into your home. What’s more, they come in a variety of styles and colours, where you can stamp your personality all over your home.

    When you choose a Venetian Blind, you can benefit from unmatched privacy because you can control how much light you let in. And, furthermore, the blinds can make a massive difference to the comfort of your room too. A1 Blinds are your trusted local installer, with all our products manufactured in our Newcastle factory. Choosing the correct Venetian blinds can ramp up your productivity considerably.

    We offer aluminium V

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  2. Venetian Blinds Cramlington

    Venetian Blinds Cramlington 

    When you choose Venetian blinds, at A1 Blinds, there are so many different options for you to consider. Venetian blinds are a very popular choice with homeowners in Cramlington because they allow plenty of flexibility in your home. They are suitable for many different properties, including contemporary living spaces and traditional homes. We offer plenty of eye catching designs which special features which will improve your home.

    When you choose Venetian blinds, you can benefit from unrivalled privacy and light control. They are ideal for making the most of sunlight because they come with a wand. This means you choose how much light you want to let in. The blinds are very easy to install because they slot directly into the window, meaning they sit flat against the glass. But that’s not all, because when they are not in use, they can let plenty of light into your home. This gives beautiful views of your garden, a

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  3. What Are the Benefits of Buying Made-to-Measure Blinds?

    Buying made to measure blinds

    Made-to-measure blinds come with a long list of benefits. They are superior to their off-the-shelf alternatives for many, many reasons. But first, let us explain exactly what they are!

    Made-to-measure window coverings are made to fit your window and your window only. Using your measurements, and the fabric and lining that you’ve chosen, we go off and make your blinds, exactly as you’ve asked. No two made-to-measure blinds are the same. And that’s their beauty.

    The alternative option is off-the-shelf blinds. These are the ready-made option. You’ll find them packaged up on the shelves, in set colours and sizes. Whilst they’re a quick solution to window coverings, off-the-shelf blinds are unlikely to fit your windows and meet your requirements as they should.

    Stay with us whilst we take a closer look at the benefits of made-measure-blinds to help you make the best decision possible…

    Discover 6 Benefits of Buying M

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  4. What Are Child Safe Blinds and Why Do You Need Them?

    What Are Child Safe Blinds and Why Do You Need Them?

    Have you ever wondered what ’child safe blinds’ really means? What isn’t safe about a regular blind? What makes a blind child safe? Do child safe blinds come in a range of different styles? Stay with us on this blog to find out…

    When choosing blinds for your children’s bedroom there are lots to consider. What colour should you buy, which style of blind, do they need to be a blackout, and so on. But most importantly, you should know what to look for in child safe blinds.

    At A1 Blinds, we follow all procedures to produce child safe blinds. As an absolute minimum, all our blinds meet the European Standard BS EN 13120 for both performance and safety. From the design process through to production, safety is at the forefront of all we do. This enables us to make beautiful, child safe blinds.

    What Are Child Safe Blinds?

    Child safe blinds are blinds that have been designed and produced with the safety of children in mind. This means that the blinds will be c

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  5. Reasons To Love Venetian Window Blinds

    White Venetian Window Blinds

    Venetian window blinds are a versatile and practical option. At A1 we’ve seen demand grow tenfold for Venetian window blinds over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why! Not only do Venetian window blinds offer great practicality, but they’re beautifully modern too.

    So, what is a Venetian window blind?

    A perfect blend of style and substance! Venetian window blinds are made up of horizontal slats that are hung together by either tapes or cords (depending on your preference).

    This suspension method allows the slats to rotate up to 180 degrees, or be pulled up fully to enable maximum daylight. This is what provides that great privacy and light control that Venetian window blinds are known and loved for.

    Venetian window blinds come in a wide range of colours, finishes and textures. Choose from cloth tapes or cords, full colour or multi-colour, smooth or textured! All of which are available across three material options: aluminium, wood and faux wood.

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  6. Wooden vs Aluminium Venetian Blinds

    Wooden venetian blinds

    Should you choose wooden Venetian blinds or aluminium Venetian blinds for your home? Venetian blinds are a classic design for your property, but the material they're made from can determine whether or not they perform well. Some older Venetian blinds can feel like they're stuck in the past. You might not get a design that deals well with solar gain or heat retention, and it could cost more than it should too.

    Wooden Venetian blinds might have a timeless look, but they can feel rather dated these days. Blinds like these can struggle after a few years, as wood isn't that durable of a material. And, once the blinds begin to wear down, your living space could be more susceptible to glare and cold temperatures, and it could even help intruders target your home.

    As a result, aluminium Venetian blinds are becoming more and more popular. With precious metal inside and innovative design techniques, your new blinds could last for decades, reduce

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