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  1. What are Antimicrobial Blinds?

    Prone To Illness? Better Call A1 Blinds!

    Experience a new standard of cleanliness! Discover our range of antimicrobial blinds for enhanced indoor air quality! Our Antimicrobial range is specifically designed to elevate your room's cleanliness and safeguard your well-being. They are engineered to combat the growth and proliferation of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.


    Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, our blinds are crafted with specialised fibres that actively inhibit the formation of germs. This feature not only promotes a healthier environment but also simplifies maintenance with just a single wipe. Say goodbye to the hassle of extensive cleaning routines as our blinds resist the accumulation of harmful germs on their surface.

    For individuals with allergies or respiratory concerns, our antimicrobial blinds offer an extra layer

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  2. Roller Blinds Low Fell

    roller blinds low fell

    At A1, we are delighted to offer the best roller blinds on the market. We know how great our blinds are, but we want homeowners in Low Fell to enjoy the ultimate shading solution too. That’s why we’ve been serving the community for over 30 years. Our team of expert installers are dedicated to helping customers get the best roller blinds money can buy.

    Roller blinds are the complete package. They offer incredible privacy, excellent management, beautiful style and are easy to operate. Whether you own a traditional or modern home, roller blinds are perfectly suited. They also work brilliantly in offices, providing a sophisticated, subtle look that’s great for professional settings.

    We’re proud to offer a stunning choice of colours, styles, fabrics and finishes. That’s why you’re bound to find the roller blinds of your dreams with us. We offer bespoke designs – there’s s

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  3. Roller Blinds Tynemouth

    roller blinds tynemouth

    Our roller blinds are one of the most complete shading solutions. They offer market leading performance and excellent durability. They work like new for years and enhance your Tynemouth home’s beauty.

    Roller blinds look great in modern and traditional properties. They are also attractive in commercial settings, providing a sleek, professional look.

    Whether you’re looking for blinds for your home or business, roller blinds are the ideal choice. Their outstanding light management features ensure you get maximum privacy and peace of mind. Roller blinds are perfect for making you more comfortable in your living space.

    Here at A1, we love giving our customers creative control. That’s why we offer a massive range of styles, colours, fabrics and finishes. You’re guaranteed to find the roller blinds of your dreams. There’s a stunnin

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  4. Roller Blinds Whitburn

    roller blinds whitburn

    Roller blinds are the ideal home shading solution. They offer stunning style that complements both modern and traditional homes. You’ll gain unrivalled performance for light and heat regulation and excellent durability.

    At A1, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service and installing high-quality blinds throughout the North East.

    Our roller blinds are cost-effective and function brilliantly in all settings. Whether you’re selecting blinds for a specific room or redecorating your Whitburn business, our stunning collection has the perfect design to suit your needs. That’s because we create bespoke orders that exactly match the dimensions of your window or door.

    We put our customers in creative control with our extensive choice of colours, fabrics and patterns. There’s a beautiful style for every taste and budget.

    At our Newcastle factory, our expert craftsmen cut your blinds to your sp

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  5. Roller Blinds Hexham

    roller blinds hexham

    Roller blinds are a fantastic way to spruce up your Hexham home, adding elegant style, excellent performance and high functionality. They are an exceptional shading solution, offering modern aesthetics that enhance a wide range of settings.

    Thanks to their versatile design, roller blinds complement contemporary and traditional homes and create a sophisticated dynamic in commercial properties.

    At A1 Blinds, there’s a design for everyone. That’s because we offer an exciting collection of colours, fabrics and patterns – all in the name of putting our customers in creative control. We want you to have the roller blinds of your dreams.

    We appreciate every Hexham home is different, so our experts take exact measurements for installation. Your window or door dimensions are passed on to our talented, local craftspeople at our North East manufacturing centre, where they cut the fabric to give you a bespoke fit.

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  6. Roller Blinds Durham City

    roller blinds durham city

    Roller blinds are the complete home shading solution. They fuse modern style with unparalleled performance and function, giving you the ultimate blinds for your Durham City property.

    A1 Blinds are experts at installing your dream roller blinds. We’ve had the benefit of fitting blinds across the North East for over 30 years. It’s a privilege to install market-leading roller blinds into our customers’ homes, made-to-measure and carefully crafted in our local production centre.

    We are proud to offer the highest quality roller blinds that deliver outstanding performance and functionality and look beautiful at every angle.

    Thanks to their understated style and subtle aesthetics, roller blinds complement both contemporary and more traditional homes. They provide total cover of the aperture of your window or door, providing first-rate light management and complete privacy.

    At A1 Blinds, we’re big on

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  7. All you need to know about roller blinds

    Roller Blinds

    Adding a roller blind can quickly and cost effectively transform the look of any room, adding a stylish finishing touch to any design scheme.

    What is a Roller blind?

    A roller blind is a piece of fabric which fits into the top of your window frame. This can be within or outside of your window recess. They are operated by a side-winding chain attached to the blind casing at the top.

    Motorised controls and smart controls are also available giving you the option to open and close your blinds remotely or by speaking to your smart device, for example, your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

    What is a roller blind?

    What type of windows are best for roller blinds?

    Roller blinds are suitable for almost any type of window and can also be used on doors like patio or bi-fold doors. They are

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