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  1. How Do Flyscreens Work?


    Flyscreens are wired- mesh screens placed over doors or windows to prevent flies and insects from entering your home. They have increased in popularity for helping reduce the level of insects entering homes during the night time. This is also common and problematic during the summertime, as windows are prominently open to allow cool air in. This makes flyscreens even more important in rural areas.

    In this blog, we will discuss the types of flyscreens and the advantages they bring. We will also discuss the different materials used and the benefits they can bring your home.

    The different Types of Flyscreens in the Market

    Retractable Flyscreens:

    Retractable flyscreens are flexible and can be fitted in any place within your home, ranging from patios, windows, doors, and conservatories. When the screens are not required,

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  2. Wooden Venetian Blinds Durham

    wooden venetian blinds durham

    Wooden Venetian blinds are a stylish and contemporary addition that would enhance any Durham home. These sophisticated window coverings go wonderfully with any traditional or contemporary home and are simple to maintain. Wooden Venetian blinds are a great option due to their simple, subtle style. Venetian blinds made of wood provide style to any home. Both real wood slats and PVC/faux wood alternatives are available in a range of colours to complement any design. In addition to white, which is the colour of choice for slats and tapes in many houses, we also offer slats in off-white, ivories, greys, and a variety of wood tones. With the installation of our wooden Venetian blinds, your Durham property will appear more opulent and fashionable.

    Increased Privacy

    Wooden Venetian blinds are an excellent window covering option if your window faces a busy street or similar area with plenty of foot traffic. You don't want curious onlookers snooping around your windows all the

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  3. Wooden Venetian Blinds Hexham

    wooden venetian blinds hexham

    Any Hexham home would benefit from the chic and modern addition of wooden Venetian blinds. These elegant window blinds are easy to maintain and complement any traditional or modern home beautifully. Due to their straightforward, understated design, wooden Venetian blinds make a fantastic choice. Wooden Venetian blinds are a fashionable touch to any house. Real wood slats and PVC/faux wood substitutes are both offered in a variety of colours to match any design. We provide slats in off-white, ivories, greys, and a range of wood tones in addition to white, which is the colour of choice for many homes for their slats and tapes. Your Hexham home will look more elegant and stylish with the addition of our wooden Venetian blinds.

    Enhanced Privacy

    If your window faces a busy street or another place with plenty of foot traffic, wooden Venetian blinds are a great window shading solution. You don't want nosy onlookers constantly peering through your windows. These blinds create

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  4. How do Energy Saving Blinds work?

    energy saving blinds

    Energy-saving blinds, also known as Cellular blinds, are commonly used to help insulate your home. They have increased in popularity due to the different styles that have come into the market. In recent times, the average household spends around £1,254 per year on power and heating, making it one of the most expensive costs for households in the UK. It's been well-documented that those energy costs are only getting more expensive, thanks to political and economic events outside of our control.

    With the current economic and climate crisis, experts have warned households will struggle badly to pay their heating bills as we face one of the coldest winters in recent years. The increasing energy prices will leave many families without the amount of warmth they need, so other measures to manage temperature control and heat retention must be explored.

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