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  1. Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes

    Roller blinds for modern homes are a great choice for many reasons. They’re simple, sophisticated, and budget-friendly too! But not only that, roller blinds are great for modern homes (and others) because they come with so many choices!

    You’ll choose your fabric. Then you’ll choose your lining. Then your control options. Do you want a bottom bar? What about braiding? And so on! Roller blinds allow you to create exactly what you want. You could say that’s what makes roller blinds for modern homes perfect! We all love bespoke styling in the modern-day, don’t we?

    So, whether you’re styling a modern interior or a new build property, we can make the perfect roller blinds for any modern home!

    Patterned Roller Blinds for Modern Homes

    We’re big fans of pattern, and roller blinds are the perfect way to introduce it into the home! However, if it's roller blinds for modern homes that you’re looking for spe

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  2. Case Study: New Office Blinds for TSG's Office Refurb

    A1 manufacture new office blinds for TSG

    Following a complete refurbishment of TSG’s Team Valley office in Gateshead, it was only right to complete their new look with new office blinds.

    TSG came to A1 Blinds with an open mind. They were unsure of styles and colours and were looking for ideas for their new office blinds. A1 cover all bases when it comes to window coverings, with over ten styles within our range in thousands of fabrics and colours. So, with our help, TSG knew they’d find exactly what their new office needed!

    Our team began by visiting the office for a consultation. We offer this service for free to every customer. This is our opportunity to get a feel for the space, the customer’s requirements, and measure the windows.

    Choosing the Perfect Office Blinds

    It was important to TSG that their new office blinds would enhance their already impressive office refurb. Therefore, colour was a key consideration during the process.

    We worked with TSG to choose a fabric colour to ma

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  3. Vertical Blinds for Commercial Properties

    Vertical blinds for commercial properties

    Are you considering vertical blinds for your commercial property? Good choice! We’ll explain why a little later. But first, a couple of things you might not know about blinds for commercial spaces…

    Choosing the right blinds for commercial environments is key. Did you know that blinds can help to increase a person’s productivity? Employees need to be comfortable at work! Therefore, creating an environment with improved thermal efficiency and high levels of light control, will help a workforce to feel motivated in the workplace.

    The addition of blinds can influence a person’s behaviour. This is because lighting affects the way people feel and act. For example, in a restaurant, you’ll want to help people to feel relaxed so the lighting might be dimmed. But in a retail store, you’ll want your customers to feel excited and alert, so the lighting is likely t

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  4. Roman Blinds Gosforth

    roman blinds gosforth

    A1 Blinds supply and install market leading Roman blinds across Gosforth and the North East. We’re proud to offer the finest quality blinds that use the best materials and fabrics. Our Roman blinds are guaranteed to enhance your home. Whether you live in a modern or traditional property or looking for commercial blinds, we offer a great range of styles. Our stunning collection of Roman blinds come with a choice of beautiful colours, patterns and fabrics. You’ll find your ideal blinds that complement your home perfectly.

    Apart from looking great, Roman blinds offer a lot more when it comes to performance. They offer great insulation and noise reduction, thanks to their rich, thick fabrics. They’re excellent for colder winter months, meaning you won’t have to rely so much on your central heating. That’s needed now more than ever as energy prices keep on rising. Help counter the mounting cost of living with energy efficient Roman blinds.

    Our blinds are brilliant for priva

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  5. Roman Blinds Ponteland

    roman blinds ponteland

    Here at A1 Blinds, we’re experts at supplying and installing stunning Roman blinds. Our exclusive blinds are made to measure in our local factory in Newcastle. We’re proud to fit the finest Roman blinds in Ponteland homes. These beautiful blinds are designed to make your home more comfortable and look stylish. They’re the height of good taste and fashion. Our blinds create a warm, welcoming feel to your living space – they’re ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. A1 Blinds offer a collection of attractive styles, colours and rich fabrics. All materials we use in production are of the highest quality, giving you a product that lasts for decades to come.

    Roman blinds look great and perform just as well. They cover the whole window or door, providing excellent privacy. They block out glare and light pollution at night, making them ideal for those seeking greater comfort. They’re guaranteed to improve your quality of living.

    We use thick, tactile fabrics for our blinds. Tha

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  6. Roman Blinds Cramlington

    Roman blinds Cramlington

    A1 Blinds are proud to offer the most beautiful Roman blinds on the market. We’re experts at supplying and installing these stunning blinds in Cramlington homes. Roman blinds make your house a home. Their soft plush fabrics can create a cosy, welcoming living space – ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. We offer a great collection of styles and colours, giving you the creative freedom to make your perfect design. All our Roman blinds are made to measure and manufactured here in the North East.

    Like roller blinds, Roman blinds cover the whole of your window or door. They’re easy to use and look after. Their design is great for blocking out light and glare, giving you complete privacy. Roman blinds are ideal for homeowners looking for greater comfort – they’re amazing for enhancing your quality of life.

    Because Roman blinds come in rich, thick fabrics, they have many additional benefits. They improve your home’s insulation and reduce noise pollution. Roman blinds are a top c

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