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  1. Win an Echo Dot!

    win an echo dot

    Win an Echo Dot... 

    We are offering one lucky person the chance to win an Echo Dot as part of our SPOOKTACULAR SAVINGS deals we have on at the moment - up to 50% off selected designs and colours in all our blind styles:

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  2. What Are The Best Blinds For Bathrooms?

    Best Bathrooms Blinds

    What are the best blinds for bathrooms? Finding the right ones could help you make your home warmer, dryer, and prevent issues developing over time. Blinds play a crucial role in your home, helping you control the light that gets into it, and helping to insulate your living space too.

    However, in bathrooms, they could be even more important. Bathrooms get hot and humid, especially after you use them for long baths and showers. As a result, the room can become damp and moist, creating the conditions for condensation to thrive. At A1, though, we're the number one for a wide range of blinds that are best to protect your bathrooms.

    How Do Blinds Protect Bathrooms?

    The best blinds can prevent condensation from developing in your bathroom. When you take a bath or shower, the moisture and heat they create can collect inside the room. Because of this,

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