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  1. A Brief History Of Roman Blinds

    roman blinds

    The phrase 'Roman blinds' has existed for over 2,000 years, and its design revolutionised the concept of blinds in the ancient and modern eras.

    Roman blinds are pleated fabrics attached to windows to control light and heat transfer. Their pleated surface helps with folding and prevents creasing. Roman blinds can be up to 25 per cent cheaper than installing curtains.

    Let's discuss the history, origin and lifespan of the Roman blinds and why they are so popular today. Onward!

    Roman blinds came into existence for their practicality rather than their design. The Romans are famous for their design, art and

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  2. Roman Blinds Whitburn

    roman blinds whitburn

    At A1 Blinds, we install the best Roman blinds in the North East. You will benefit from blinds that are custom made, thanks to our bespoke service. You can take advantage of a fully customised process that puts you in the driver’s seat to create your dream blind. Your blinds will also help you save plenty of money because they are thermally efficient. They let in plenty of natural light in the process, while you can choose from a plethora of options to make your home more attractive and functional. 

    Roman blinds are a popular style because they are versatile. Your interiors will benefit from being incredibly stylish while also protecting your home from bright sunlight. The only thing you need to do when it comes to Roman blinds is choose the fabric suitable for your home or residential space. This can vary depending on the space. For your home or even a dental surgery, you might choose something more minimalist. However, if you are looking for s

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  3. Roman Blinds Tynemouth

    Roman Blinds Tynemouth

    If you are looking for high quality Roman blinds for your Tynemouth home, you can count on us. We have many different styles of Roman blinds – suitable for all types of homes – with many performance and design benefits. 

    Every Roman blind that we manufacture in our Newcastle factory is custom tailored to you. We believe that every homeowner in Tynemouth is unique and different. The same can be said of our Roman blinds. We offer a wide range of designs and colours that you can go for. You will get creative freedom when it comes to choosing your bespoke design.

     And what’s more, you will benefit from market leading luxurious, rich fabrics. You can even go for a range of unique patterns, such as zig zag or a minimalist design. The choice is entirely up to you. 

    At A1 Blinds, our Roman blinds look fantastic. But they don’t just look great. They perform exceptionally well too. Your blinds are very easy to clean because all it

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  4. Roman Blinds Hexham

    roman blinsd hexham

    We’re experts at installing the highest quality Roman blinds on the market. Home and business owners in Hexham are bound to benefit from our stunning collection of bespoke blinds. That’s because every Roman blind we manufacture in our Newcastle factory is custom made for you. That’s right; we go to great lengths to ensure each of our products perfectly fits your Hexham property. We employ expert craftsmen to produce our quality Roman blinds, made from rich, thick fabrics at the height of luxury. Whether you live in a traditional or modern home or are looking for blinds in your commercial space, our Romans are a match made in heaven for discerning customers.

    We offer a great selection of bespoke designs and styles, ensuring you get to choose out the Roman blinds of your dreams. You’re in creative control when it comes to the design process. If you want a unique pattern on your fabric, you’ve got it. Fancy a different colour? No problem. You’ve got an unlimited choice with our sh

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  5. Roman Blinds Morpeth

    roman blinds morpeth

    A1 Blinds are proud to install premium Roman blinds in Morpeth and the North East. We offer a stunning range of Romans at affordable prices – suitable for every budget. All our blinds are manufactured here in the North East at our Newcastle factory. We employ specialist craftsmen to design and make Roman blinds – bespoke for your Morpeth home. Every stage of the process is tailored to meet your style needs – that means our Romans complement both modern and traditional homes.

    Our Romans come with rich, thick fabrics that ensure your space looks warm and welcoming. We offer a great selection of fabrics and colours, giving you creative control to choose your dream blinds. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to our bespoke options – you’re guaranteed to fit the perfect Romans for your Morpeth home or business.

    Aside from looking beautiful with their signature

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  6. How Do Motorised Blinds Work?

    Motorised window blinds

    Let’s get straight into this… How do motorised blinds work you ask? Motorised blinds are opened and closed by a small, motorised unit that turns the bar that the blind is attached to. The motors are extremely efficient and use minimal power to operate.

    These motors are powered in one of two ways. You can either attach them up to your mains supply or use rechargeable batteries. Both options are great, it just depends on your preference!

    A mains power supply option is ideal for new build or extension scenarios, as the wiring can be installed during the build to accommodate the blinds. If you’d rather not wire them up to your mains, rechargeable blinds are perfect. Battery-powered blinds are completely wireless, and the batteries can be removed and installed easily within the blind shaft itself.

    Control Options

    In today’s world, we know it’s not a one size fit’s all scenario when it comes to how we c

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