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  1. Plain or Patterns?

    Plain or Patterned Blinds

    Usually, the choice between patterned or plain window blinds comes down to personal preference and the existing decor of the room you are putting the window blind into. Whilst most people's go-to is a plain, neutral design, it can be a good idea to consider all choices and see them for yourself before making your mind up, which is why we always recommend potential customers to come down to our showroom to see many of our blind styles in person to really get a feel for the textures, colours and aesthetics of each fabric. Our locations are below:

    Blaydon: Chainbridge Industrial Estate, 4-5 Tundry Way, Blaydon-on-Tyne NE21 5SJ

    Forest Hall: 20 Station Rd N, Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9AD

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  2. Top Technology Trends For Window Blinds

    Top Technology Trends For Window Blinds

    There are many top trends with blind designs and the technology used within them. Blinds are popular with homeowners looking to make their windows more stylish and functional. With technology like motorised controls, voice-activated commands, and smart sensors, blind designs are now being taken to the next level.

    Blinds that are safe for kids have grown in demand too. Hospitals have changed the technology they use in blinds to stop the spread of germs. Residential homes within the economic crisis have been looking at ways to save on their energy bills and have looked towards their blinds to help. Have you wondered about the top trends currently when shopping for blinds? You’re in the right place as we take a closer look at the best window blinds and technology.

    Energy saving blinds help insulate homes. They help by keeping warm inside and cold air out. Their popularity h

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  3. The Benefits Of High Performance Pleated Blinds

    High performance pleated blinds

    Pleated blinds are a single layer of fabric that aids in blocking out sunlight from rooms. They pull up or down and fit flat at the top of a window in homes. The beautifully crafted design helps add texture to a room while keeping it warm inside. Pleated blinds provide a combination of elegance and appeal while costing less than roller blinds for cost-efficiency. They have no slats that help block light when closed, which is a good tool when trying to block out streetlights at night.

    We discuss the performance benefits pleated blinds bring into homes when installed. They have grown in popularity due to their performance efficiency and appeal.

    Protection from UV Rays

    When it comes to pleated blinds, the aluminium

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  4. How do Energy Saving Blinds work?

    energy saving blinds

    Energy-saving blinds, also known as Cellular blinds, are commonly used to help insulate your home. They have increased in popularity due to the different styles that have come into the market. In recent times, the average household spends around £1,254 per year on power and heating, making it one of the most expensive costs for households in the UK. It's been well-documented that those energy costs are only getting more expensive, thanks to political and economic events outside of our control.

    With the current economic and climate crisis, experts have warned households will struggle badly to pay their heating bills as we face one of the coldest winters in recent years. The increasing energy prices will leave many families without the amount of warmth they need, so other measures to manage temperature control and heat retention must be explored.

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