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  1. The Best Blinds for Velux Windows

    Roller blinds for Velux windows

    A1 Blinds are renowned in the North East for producing beautifully made to measure blinds including blinds for Velux windows. More and more homes are having Velux windows installed. Be it in the bedroom, kitchen, or a converted conservatory. They’re certainly in demand in recent years as we all strive for more natural light.

    One of the best ways you can brighten your home is with natural light. It’s warming, natural and of course completely free! But whilst natural light in the home is a bonus, there will be times when you’ll want to block out that light.

    Light control is a day-to-day necessity. When your child is sleeping, you’re having a lie-in or watching a film – you’ll want to be able to dim the light wherever necessary. It’s also key for protecting your furniture from sun-fading on brighter days.

    If your home has Velux or Skylight windows, you’ll probably be wondering what your options are.

    Blinds for

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  2. What Are Made to Measure Blinds?

    Roman made to measure blinds

    When it comes to choosing new blinds for your home, you have two options. Made to measure blinds, or ready-made, off the shelf blinds. In this blog, we’ll explain the difference, and why we champion made to measure blinds here at A1!

    Made to measure is a term that’s thrown around often. But what does it mean? Made to measure blinds are bespoke blinds that are made exactly to your specifications. This includes everything from their size, fit, and fabric, to the accessories, and even which side the control chain sits on!

    In comparison, ready-made blinds are available off the shelf. They come in set sizes, colours, and designs as standard. They cannot be personalised. Unfortunately, this often results in ill-fitting blinds that are not quite right! That’s why at A1, we would always recommend choosing made to measure blinds…

    We’ve been manufacturing made to measure blinds across the North East region for over 30 years! We’re an expert team of craftsmen with a weal

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  3. Vertical Blinds Whitburn

    vertical blinds whitburn

    A1 Blinds can provide wonderful vertical blinds for homes in Whitburn and throughout the surrounding North East areas. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular styles in the UK, and they're versatility makes them ideal for several domestic and commercial applications. And, with A1, you can take control of the design of your new vertical blinds in Whitburn as well. We offer our blinds with several colour and fabric options, and you'll get a made-to-measure fit for your home.

    Vertical blinds have a unique design which makes them stand out. Your blinds will operate on a top rail with several vertical slats which you can adjust individually to control the light in your living space. However, you could pull the whole system across when you want some privacy, achieving a blackout effect. Our made-to-measure vertical blinds will cover the full aperture of your windows

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  4. What Are The Best Blinds for Bay Windows?

    What Are The Best Blinds for Bay Windows?

    Bay windows are a key feature in your home, so you must know how to dress them with the perfect blinds for bay windows! A bay window allows lots of light into a room, as well as an enhanced view. But this comes together with the need for protecting your privacy and controlling the light when necessary.

    So, what is a bay window?

    Once tied solely to period homes, bay windows have made a comeback in modern-day architecture and design. They protrude outwards from the main walls – creating an illusion of more space in a room and bringing more of the outside in.

    There are several styles of bay windows. Different angles, amounts of windows, sizes, and heights. So, before you choose the best blinds for your bay windows, you need to figure out what type of bay windows you have:

    Bow windows: Usually made up of one large pane of curved glass.
    Angled (AKA canted) bay windows: Made up of a flat-fronted glass pane and 2 angled side panes.
    Multi-faceted bay windows: A

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  5. Vertical Blinds Tynemouth

    vertical blinds tynemouth

    A1 Blinds can install terrific vertical blinds for homes in Tynemouth and throughout the surrounding North East areas. Vertical blinds are one of the UK's most beloved styles of blinds, and they work well for a range of domestic and commercial applications. Vertical blinds have a customisable design, too, and you can choose unique fabrics and colours for them with A1! You get full control of the design with us, and we make sure you get a made-to-measure fit.

    Vertical blinds operate on a top rail, meaning you can pull the whole system across with ease. However, you can also control these blinds more closely. Your design will have several vertical slats which you can adjust individually, meaning you can control the light more closely in your living space. You can also achieve a blackout effect, as vertical blinds cover the full aperture of windows and doors in your Tynemouth

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  6. Reasons To Love Venetian Window Blinds

    White Venetian Window Blinds

    Venetian window blinds are a versatile and practical option. At A1 we’ve seen demand grow tenfold for Venetian window blinds over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why! Not only do Venetian window blinds offer great practicality, but they’re beautifully modern too.

    So, what is a Venetian window blind?

    A perfect blend of style and substance! Venetian window blinds are made up of horizontal slats that are hung together by either tapes or cords (depending on your preference).

    This suspension method allows the slats to rotate up to 180 degrees, or be pulled up fully to enable maximum daylight. This is what provides that great privacy and light control that Venetian window blinds are known and loved for.

    Venetian window blinds come in a wide range of colours, finishes and textures. Choose from cloth tapes or cords, full colour or multi-colour, smooth or textured! All of which are available across three material options: aluminium, wood and faux wood.

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  7. Vertical Blinds Durham City

    vertical blinds durham city

    A1 Blinds is a supplier and installer of high-quality vertical blinds for homes in Durham City and throughout the North East. Vertical blinds are one of the UK's most loved styles of blinds, and they work well for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Blinds like these come in several colours and fabrics, too, meaning they'll always suit your needs. At A1, we put you in full control of the design of your vertical blinds.

    Blinds like these stand out because of their design. Vertical blinds operate on a top rail and have several vertical slats. Because of this, you can either pull the blinds across fully or adjust the slats individually, giving you total control of your home's lighting. You can even achieve a blackout effect with vertical blinds, as you'll get made-to-measure designs that can cover the full aperture of windows and doors.

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  8. What Are The Best Kitchen Window Blinds?

    Patterned Roller Blinds

    When it comes to picking your kitchen window blinds, there are so many options to choose from. Picking the right blinds will depend on your privacy and light requirements, the window placement, and your style.

    Firstly, you need to consider: How much cooking do you do? Are your blinds over a sink? How much privacy and light control do you want? What is your colour scheme? The list goes on! Whether you need maximum light control or a splash-proof fabric – A1 Blinds has a set of kitchen window blinds to suit you.

    The kitchen is the hive of the home for many, and probably where you spend most of your time! As such, it deserves the best of the best. It’s easy to overlook your kitchen window blinds while you’re busy picking out appliances, splashbacks, and flooring, but they offer a great opportunity to add a personalised touch.

    The Benefits of Kitchen Window Blinds

    Blinds are an increasingly popular choice for the kitchen – and the bathroo

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