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  1. Are Vertical Blinds Outdated?

    vertical blinds

    At A1 blinds, we don't think vertical blinds are going out of fashion. In fact, we feel like these classic designs are better than ever. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular styles ever, ideal for homes and businesses alike. However, because they've been around for so long, new designs have arrived, attempting to steal the thunder from vertical blinds.

    But, thanks to A1, you can invest in modern vertical blinds for your home. With a wide range of superb colours and patterns to choose from, you can craft bespoke blinds for your property. Not only that, but you'll still benefit from the timeless design of vertical blinds, which offers incredibly precise lighting control to give you the power to open or close your home off to nature.

    Vertical blinds offer superb value for money, work well for both windows and doors, and can even warm up your home. And with a custom design, you'll make your living space stand out even more. At A1 Blinds, our vertical blinds are still

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  2. What Are Perfect Fit Blinds?

    perfect fit blinds

    Perfect fit blinds are an ideal way to cover windows and doors. With these blinds, you can get complete coverage for any glazing in your home. Your design will be made-to-measure, meaning that there'll be no gaps for light to get through if you want to block it out. And, when you drop your blinds, you'll get more privacy, more protection and more insulation as well.

    You'll also get a choice of perfect fit blinds for your property. With a range of patterns and colours to select from, you can customise your design to suit your home seamlessly. And, if you have a conservatory that could use some extra warmth, blinds can help with that too. Perfect fit blinds provide a strong layer of insulation, making your home warm and comfortable.

    At A1 Blinds, we're proud to provide perfect fit blinds for homes across the North East. We offer a broad range of blinds for your home, and you can get a made-to-measure fit with ease from our installation team. It's

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  3. Best Blinds for Patio Doors

    Blinds for Patio Doors

    What are the best blinds for patio doors? Well, depending on what you are looking for, the key to finding the right blinds for patio doors is ensuring that they work synchronously with your patio doors. This means that when you open, close and use your patio doors, you want you blinds to complement to room and door opening without them getting in the way.

    What Should I Consider When Choosing Blinds for Patio Doors?

    There are a few different blind styles that are very well suited to patio doors, but what is most important is considering a few important questions before making a decision.

    The first is to consider how frequently you use your patio doors. Are you needing them for regular access or are they more for light control? This will help you make a decision on which blinds are best for your patio doors.

    The second is what it is you are hoping to achieve with your blinds. Are you looking to control privacy? Heat loss? Are you wanting to control the

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