1. What Blinds Offer the Best Privacy for Bedrooms?

    Patterned Roman Blinds

    Blinds for privacy in bedrooms are key! We spend lots of time in our bedrooms from sleeping to relaxing, and even getting ready for the day. So, your bedroom blind is probably the most important blind you’re ever going to buy.

    It’s important to determine exactly what you’d like your blinds to do before picking the best blinds for privacy. This will ensure you’re gaining the maximum benefit.

    For most people, your bedroom blinds are going to need to do more than offering just privacy. If you’re sensitive to light during the night, you’re going to need blinds that will dim or block out the light. And then if during the day whilst the blinds are open you also want to maintain your privacy, you’re going to need blinds for privacy and light control.

    No matter what your requirements are, at A1 Blinds we’ve got the answer! We’re always on hand to find you the perfect blinds for privacy, light control, warmth, style and more. So, If you need any support finding the perfe

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  2. Plantation Shutters or Blinds?

    Bedroom Plantation Shutters

    With such a rise in the popularity of plantation shutters over the years, are you wondering if they could be for you? We don’t blame you! Plantation shutters are renown for adding a touch of class to any home.

    However, blinds can also do just the trick in adding the same amount of style to your home. That's probably why you’re here wondering whether to choose plantation shutters or blinds!

    Let us simplify it for you…

    Plantation Shutters and Blinds: Styles Available

    When it comes to the amount of choice available, blinds will win hands down. This is because blinds are available in over 10 different styles.

    Choose from roller, vertical, Venetian, Roman, pleated,

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  3. What are the Best Blinds for Privacy?

    What are the Best Blinds for Privacy?

    Privacy is something we all want and expect in our homes. But if your home is closely facing another, or you live on a busy road, this can be difficult to achieve. So, whilst beautiful large windows are a desirable asset to have, finding the perfect blinds for privacy is essential.

    Blinds provide the perfect window dressing solution for privacy, and with so many styles on the market these days, it’s easy to find the perfect set! But since you’re here you’re probably wondering, ‘What are the best blinds for privacy?’. Let us tell you…

    A1’s Blinds for Privacy in Your Home...

    All blind styles will provide you with a degree of privacy and at A1 we have 13 styles to choose from! This includes vertical, Venetian, pleated, panel, allusion blinds and many more! However, if total privacy is what you desire, A1’s top picks are roller, Roman, or pleated blinds. Here’s

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  4. What Are The Best Blinds for Bay Windows?

    What Are The Best Blinds for Bay Windows?

    Bay windows are a key feature in your home, so you must know how to dress them with the perfect blinds for bay windows! A bay window allows lots of light into a room, as well as an enhanced view. But this comes together with the need for protecting your privacy and controlling the light when necessary.

    So, what is a bay window?

    Once tied solely to period homes, bay windows have made a comeback in modern-day architecture and design. They protrude outwards from the main walls – creating an illusion of more space in a room and bringing more of the outside in.

    There are several styles of bay windows. Different angles, amounts of windows, sizes, and heights. So, before you choose the best blinds for your bay windows, you need to figure out what type of bay windows you have:

    Bow windows: Usually made up of one large pane of curved glass.
    Angled (AKA canted) bay windows: Made up of a flat-fronted glass pane and 2 angled side panes.
    Multi-faceted bay windows: A

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