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  1. How Do Motorised Blinds Work?

    Motorised window blinds

    Let’s get straight into this… How do motorised blinds work you ask? Motorised blinds are opened and closed by a small, motorised unit that turns the bar that the blind is attached to. The motors are extremely efficient and use minimal power to operate.

    These motors are powered in one of two ways. You can either attach them up to your mains supply or use rechargeable batteries. Both options are great, it just depends on your preference!

    A mains power supply option is ideal for new build or extension scenarios, as the wiring can be installed during the build to accommodate the blinds. If you’d rather not wire them up to your mains, rechargeable blinds are perfect. Battery-powered blinds are completely wireless, and the batteries can be removed and installed easily within the blind shaft itself.

    Control Options

    In today’s world, we know it’s not a one size fit’s all scenario when it comes to how we c

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  2. How Do Perfect Fit Blinds Work?

    Perfect fit roller blinds

    There are several reasons why people love perfect fit blinds and not just because they look great. Perfect Fit blinds come with a long list of benefits from style right through to substance. So, if you’re considering perfect fit blinds but are not quite sure how they work, let us fill you in!

    How Do Perfect Fit Blinds Work?

    When choosing perfect fit blinds, expect to get exactly what it says on the packet - perfectly fitting blinds. What makes them perfect fitting, you ask? It’s not just the fact that we get the measurements spot on!

    Perfect Fit blinds have their own framework system, which clicks onto the beading on your PVC window frame. No drilling or screwdrivers are required! Your blinds are then attached to this Perfect Fit system and operate up and down within the frame!

    The Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

    Hopefully, now, perfect fit blinds make a little more sense, and you’re start

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  3. Bring Pantone's Colour of the Year to Your Home with 'Very Peri' Coloured and Patterned Blinds

    Very Peri Coloured Patterned Blinds

    For many of us, choosing the perfect coloured blinds or patterned blinds can be a tricky task. Which colour to choose? Will they stay on trend? How will you style them? Your blinds are a focal point, so it’s important to get them right!

    We find that if you follow Pantone’s Colours of the Year, you can’t go wrong! Year after year we see Pantone’s Colours of the year shaping our interior design choices and trends. It’s a key tool used by designers when selecting their pallets for the coming year. Therefore, it’s a colour you’ll see a lot of in the magazines, Instagram inspiration pages, and in the shops!

    So, what is Pantone’s Colour of the Year you ask?

    Introducing Pantone Colour of The Year 2022… Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri

    Very Peri is a brand-new Pantone Colour – Newly created specifically to reflect the global innovation and transformation taking place in the world right now as we continue to adapt to the new normal.

    2022’s Pantone Colour is all

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  4. What Are the Benefits of Buying Made-to-Measure Blinds?

    Buying made to measure blinds

    Made-to-measure blinds come with a long list of benefits. They are superior to their off-the-shelf alternatives for many, many reasons. But first, let us explain exactly what they are!

    Made-to-measure window coverings are made to fit your window and your window only. Using your measurements, and the fabric and lining that you’ve chosen, we go off and make your blinds, exactly as you’ve asked. No two made-to-measure blinds are the same. And that’s their beauty.

    The alternative option is off-the-shelf blinds. These are the ready-made option. You’ll find them packaged up on the shelves, in set colours and sizes. Whilst they’re a quick solution to window coverings, off-the-shelf blinds are unlikely to fit your windows and meet your requirements as they should.

    Stay with us whilst we take a closer look at the benefits of made-measure-blinds to help you make the best decision possible…

    Discover 6 Benefits of Buying M

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