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  1. Vertical Blinds Cramlington

    vertical blinds cramlington

    At A1 Blinds, we're proud to install vertical blinds for homes in Cramlington and the surrounding North East areas. Vertical blinds are one of the UK's most popular styles and for a good reason. With a fantastic array of fabrics available and an easy to use design, vertical blinds work well for a range of windows and doors. And, at A1, you can install made-to-measure blinds to fit almost anything.

    Vertical blinds are comprised of several slats that hang down from a top rail. Because of this, you can pull the whole system across the rail, or you can tilt the slats. As a result, vertical blinds can allow you to control the light in your living space with more precision. Not only that, their sleek design brings a gorgeous finish to any room.

    At A1, we install fully customisable vertical blinds for homes in Cramlington, too. Because of this, you can invest in a unique design with a range of colours, patterns and fabrics available.

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  2. Vertical Blinds Ponteland


    At A1 Blinds, we can provide high-quality vertical blinds for homes in Ponteland and the surrounding North East areas. Vertical blinds are one of the most popular designs in the UK, as they’re easy to use and available in a range of fabrics. Vertical blinds are great for windows and doors alike, and they’re made-to-measure every time with A1.

    Vertical blinds hang down from a top rail and are comprised of several vertical slats. When you want to open them fully, all you have to do is pull them across the rail. However, vertical blinds give you much more control than that. You can tilt the slats to achieve the right amount of lighting in your living space, or you can tilt them shut to keep light out.

    At A1 Blinds, we also believe every home is unique. It’s why we give you the chance to design bespoke vertical blinds for your home in Ponteland. We can offer a broad range of colours, patterns and fabrics, and we’ll help you pic

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  3. Vertical Blinds Gosforth

    vertical blinds gosforth

    A1 Blinds can supply and install gorgeous vertical blinds for homes in Gosforth and the North East. As one of the UK’s most popular styles, vertical blinds make a great addition to any home. With a fantastic range of fabrics to choose from, along with an easy to use design, vertical blinds are ideal for windows and doors alike. A1’s vertical blinds are made-to-measure for your Gosforth home too!

    Vertical blinds operate from a top rail and have several vertical slats in the design. You can either push the whole system to one side to allow light in, or you can tilt the system fully shut to keep the world out. Alternatively, you can tilt each blind exactly as you want to to achieve precise lighting control. As a result, vertical blinds can help you make your home feel right every time.

    At A1 Blinds, we also believe everybody should have the chance to install bespoke vertical blinds in Gosforth. So, with us, you can customise you

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  4. What Are The Best Electric Blinds?

    best electric blinds

    Which are the best electric blinds to choose for your home? With modern designs, you can start to get blinds in a wide range of designs that you don't have to get up to use. Instead, you can control them by remote from the comfort of the couch, or you might not even have to press anything at all. Electric or motorised blinds are a revolutionary addition to any home.

    One of the best things about electric blinds is that you don't need to compromise to get motorised blinds. You can still get the same high-quality design - the only difference is that you won't need to fiddle about with them manually. Instead, you can open, close or tilt them precisely via remote, meaning no folding or creasing of your blinds and better lighting control as well.

    At A1 Blinds, we know the future is electric. So, with our best range of electric blinds yet, we can bring your home into the future. You can choose electric blinds in a wide range of styles

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  5. Wooden vs Aluminium Venetian Blinds

    Wooden venetian blinds

    Should you choose wooden Venetian blinds or aluminium Venetian blinds for your home? Venetian blinds are a classic design for your property, but the material they're made from can determine whether or not they perform well. Some older Venetian blinds can feel like they're stuck in the past. You might not get a design that deals well with solar gain or heat retention, and it could cost more than it should too.

    Wooden Venetian blinds might have a timeless look, but they can feel rather dated these days. Blinds like these can struggle after a few years, as wood isn't that durable of a material. And, once the blinds begin to wear down, your living space could be more susceptible to glare and cold temperatures, and it could even help intruders target your home.

    As a result, aluminium Venetian blinds are becoming more and more popular. With precious metal inside and innovative design techniques, your new blinds could last for decades, reduce

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  6. The Best Blinds for Sliding Doors

    Blinds for sliding doors

    What are the best blinds for sliding doors? Sliding doors can open your home up to nature, but their open design can sometimes make you feel exposed. Not only that, you might want privacy and seclusion in your home. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't install sliding doors - instead, you should make your new entrance more flexible to your needs. A perfect way of doing that is by installing blinds.

    Blinds for sliding doors can improve insulation, reduce problems like solar gain, and give you the chance to shut the world out. And, with a range of fabrics and design options, you can style your blinds to suit your home seamlessly. As a result, your living space will be more comfortable for you and more tailored to you.

    At A1 Blinds, we offer some of the best blinds for sliding doors on the market. We have a wide range of options to choose from, all of which can enhance the performance and comfort of your living space. And, with our easy ordering process, you

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