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  1. What Are Child Safe Blinds and Why Do You Need Them?

    What Are Child Safe Blinds and Why Do You Need Them?

    Have you ever wondered what ’child safe blinds’ really means? What isn’t safe about a regular blind? What makes a blind child safe? Do child safe blinds come in a range of different styles? Stay with us on this blog to find out…

    When choosing blinds for your children’s bedroom there are lots to consider. What colour should you buy, which style of blind, do they need to be a blackout, and so on. But most importantly, you should know what to look for in child safe blinds.

    At A1 Blinds, we follow all procedures to produce child safe blinds. As an absolute minimum, all our blinds meet the European Standard BS EN 13120 for both performance and safety. From the design process through to production, safety is at the forefront of all we do. This enables us to make beautiful, child safe blinds.

    What Are Child Safe Blinds?

    Child safe blinds are blinds that have been designed and produced with the safety of children in mind. This means that the blinds will be c

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  2. The Best Children's Bedroom Blinds

    The Best Children's Bedroom Blinds

    Are you looking for new children’s bedroom blinds?

    Your children’s bedroom is a great opportunity to get creative with colours and prints. It’s important to make a fun and comfortable space that they will enjoy! But when it comes to picking your children’s bedroom blinds, there’s more to consider than just how they will look. Think sleep, safety and style.

    In this blog, we’ll run through our latest collections of children’s bedroom blinds, including the most popular designs, blackout and child-safe options. 

    Colourful children’s bedroom blinds

    The colour choice for your children’s bedroom blinds will depend upon their age! Pastel colours for your newborn will create a nursery that feels calm and restful… For you and the baby. You could go blue for a boy and pink for a girl or keep it neutral for that minimal look.

    Younger toddlers are learning their primary colours, and so bright and cheery schemes are what it’s all about

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